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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Wow! Arjun Bijlani Aka Shikar To Return; Ishaani Bails Out RV - PICS

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Well, here is the good news for all Arjun Bijlani aka Shikar's fans. According to an entertainment website, Arjun will be back on Colors' popular show, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi.

It is said that Arjun will be making a re-entry to the show and seen fighting for Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) justice on Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) request! It is also said that he has started shooting for it. Well, Ishkar's fans must be happy to see Shikar back on the show!

It has to be recalled that Arjun aka Shikar left the show as he was doing a new show, Naagin. Shikar's role ended on MATSH after a leap, when Ranveer's dual role started.

Now, the story of Ishaani and RV has taken another major turn because of Milan and Sharman's death. Milan will end his life, after revealing his truth to Sharman, who doubted on the former. Milan also kills Sharman, and the blame of Sharman's murder goes to Ranveer.

It has to be recalled that, Milan would have sent a video recording to the police before his suicide, which stated that he will end his life after killing Sharman as the latter had got to know some of his biggest secrets.

Milan also injects a poisonous chemical on RV's face that causes rashes on his face, which upsets Ishaani, while scare others.

The police arrests RV for killing Sharman. At home, Ishaani announces the unfortunate news of Sharman's death. She also tells that Milan had killed Sharman and blamed RV, who has got arrested.

Amba and Kailash, who knows the fact that RV had a twin brother, supports Ishaani, while Chaitali Kaki and Baa, blames RV for Sharman's death. Even Manas is not ready to believe that RV had a brother.

Read the spoiler in the slides...


Ranveer will ask Ishaani to perform the final rites of Sharman and not to be shattered at this point of time.


Ishaani promises RV that she will take him out of the jail. Ishaani, is completely shattered with her brother's death and RV's arrest. Moreover, no one was ready to believe that RV is innocent and Milan is RV's twin brother!


Police will give up searching as they do not find Milan's dead body, and blame RV for Sharman's murder. Ishaani decides to investigate the case, herself.

Ishaani Goes To The Murder Spot

Ishaani goes to the murder spot to find clues. After a search, she finds a white shirt, just like the one that Ranveer wore. She then concludes that Milan had dressed like RV and made the recording.


Ishaani goes to the jail and bails out RV. The latter hides his face from Ishaani as the rashes on his face had become worse.


Ishaani consoles him and promises him that she will never leave him alone. She tells him that she will fight for him and find a solution.

Shikar To Fight RV's Case

Ishaani may now take help of Shikar, who is a successful lawyer. Shikar may fight RV's case to prove him innocent.


Posting this image, Arjun wrote on Instagram, "Guess what am I shooting for??? @radhikamadan." We are waiting for Arjun on the show.

Ishaani Stands For RV

Ishaani also saves RV from the media, who were irritating him with questions and snapping pictures of ugly face. Some of them also felt that the wound on his face was contagious and feared to go near him. Ishaani hides RV's face, shouts at them and asks them to stop the non-sense.

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