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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Is Ishaani Thinking Twice About Ranveer’s Love?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) gets Ishaani (Radhika Madan) back home from police station. He gets to know that Ishaani had a reason behind asking for alimony.

On the other side, Sharman doubts Ritika's relation with Ranveer. He says the same to Ishaani, but she convinces him by saying that she trust RV and he should also trust Ritika. She adds that RV and Ritika are just good friends, and he should call Ritika as she would be upset that her engagement was halted.

Sharman calls Ritika, who is worried about Ishaani and Ranveer. He asks Ritika to meet, but by then RV drops home who is completely drenched. Ritika lies to Sharman saying Sameera has come home and she can't meet him that day.

Sharman confirms with Sameera by calling her and gets to know that she is not at Ritika's home. He is angry on Ritika that she again lied to him and goes directly to home.

RV, who is shattered for not believing Ishaani, cries his heart out in front of Ritika saying he is guilty that he didn't trust Ishaani's love. But again RV is confused about his love as Ishaani's picture with Chirag haunts him.

RV still doubts Ishaani if she loves him or Chirag, and why does she wants divorce if she loved him (RV). Ritika asks him to ask the same questions to Ishaani and not her. While clearing RV's confusion, she will be seen closer to RV, which Sharman sees.

Sharman angrily goes to Ishaani and says all that happened at Ritika's place. Ishaani again tries to convince him saying she will prove that nothing is there between RV and Ritika and they are just friends.

Though Ishaani managed to convince Sharman, she starts thinking how to prove it. At the same time she starts doubting about RV-Ritika's relationship and is afraid that if Sharman proves right, she will be hurt.

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Ranveer Upset

Ranveer is upset that he disbelieved Ishaani and couldn't identify her love.


When Sharman says Ishaani that he doubts Ritika-RV's relationship, she asks him to trust Ritika as she is just close friend of RV and nothing else.


Ishaani convinces Sharman to call Ritika. He calls and asks Ritika to meet.


Ritika was worried about Ishaani and RV. She gets to know that they are back home. When Sharman asks her to meet, she hears a door bell and is shocked to see RV drenched and crying. She lies to Sharman that she can't meet as Sameera is at home with some office work.


Ranveer cries his heart out in front of Ritika. He says he misunderstood Ishaani and is guilty.


Ritika consoles RV and asks him not to be upset with Ishaani. She even convinces him by saying that Ishaani loves him and not Chirag.


Ritika feels bad for RV's condition and says him to ask whatever he wants to Ishaani and not to her. Seeing Ritika so close to RV, Sharman gets angry.

Sharman Says Ishaani About Ritika

Sharman bangs Ishaani's door to tell about Ritika and RV. Seeing them close, he is so angry that he concludes they have an affair. Ishaani tries to convince him saying she will prove that Ritika-RV are just friends.

Ishaani Confused!

Though Ishaani said she will prove to Sharman that RV-Ritika are just friends, she starts doubting RV. Thinking he might have gone to Ritika when he started hating Ishaani.

Is Ishaani thinking twice about her love for RV?

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