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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Is Ritika Villain In Ishaani-Ranveer’s Love Life?

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Too many twists in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is keeping audience glued to the television. Though these twists are irritating many audiences as their favourite Jodi - Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) are almost getting separated, they are curious to know what will happen next.

Since the spoilers aim Ritika killed Chirag, and with few other suspicions, we doubt that the real cause of Ishaani and RV's separation is not Sharman, but Ritika.

Previously, Ritika had loved RV. Just because of his parents, RV agreed to sacrifice his real love Ishaani and marry Ritika. At the same time, Ishaani was getting married to Chirag. But when he gets to know about the loss that Ishaani had as she lost all her property, he ditches her. It is then RV marries his love Ishaani.

Ritika becomes good in front of all by sacrificing her love RV, while Ishaani feels she is only friend of RV. She also builds such a reputation that makes all, even Ishaani, think that she is ‘just friends' with RV. Then enters Sharman in her life. She starts loving him and their marriage gets fixed. But Ritika's closeness towards RV makes Sharman doubt on her. He even warns Ishaani, who doesn't agree as she starts loving RV blindly.

When RV and Ishaani solve their differences and just when they are about to announce their re-union, there comes a twist. Ritika gets pregnant and Sharman again doubts Ritika's relation with RV. Spoilers showed Ritika's argument with Chirag. What was she arguing with him?


When Ritika has to be at home after her breakup, why did she go to Chirag? By the way, how did she get to know about Chirag's whereabouts?

Ritika Killed Chirag!

Though it looks like she accidentally pushed Chirag and knew he was dead, why did she not stop Ishaani when she blamed herself for his death?


She knew Ishaani hasn't killed Chirag as she did. She should also know that whatever Ishaani said against RV to hurt him was deliberate so that he go away from his life. Why didn't she convince RV now? Why didn't she take Ishaani out of jail?


Was marriage and then breakup with Sharman was a plan just to stay close to RV and Ishaani?


Ritika knew that Sharman still had doubts on her and RV's relationship and will not believe that she is pregnant with his child. Did she lie about her child so that RV marries her.

Sharman Doubts Ritika

When Sharman asked him if she loved RV, she had said yes. But joked later saying he is her friend and nothing more. Did she even lie about that joke?


Ritika knew that Amba still wanted Ritika as her daughter-in-law. And it won't be difficult to marry RV.

Ritika Lies!

Who called her when she had gone out with date with Sharman on Valentines Day? Why did she say she was lying to Sharman about her love?

Ishaani In Jail

Now that Ishaani is in jail, Ritika gets engaged to RV. Family members manage to convince RV to marry Ritika. To save his friends honour, as she was pregnant, he marries Ritika.

RV Gets Engaged To Ritika

Ishaani will be weeping in Jail, while Ritika and RV enjoy their engagement cake! Will RV ever know Ishaani did all this for him? Was Ishaani under any other pressure that we don't know?

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