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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Accepts Ranveer’s Accusation Of Stealing Jewels; Shikar Heartbroken

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The aashiquis of two aashiqs in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) on Ishaani (Radhika Madan) is keeping the audiences hooked to the television. Ranveer though loves Ishaani doesn't want to express it, as Ishaani shows so much hatred towards him. He also misunderstand Ishaani, who always wants the latter's happiness.

To make RV completely forget Ishaani and accept Ritika as his wife, Ishaani decides to marry Shikar. But RV who misunderstands Ishaani's each step, tries to stop her marriage with his friend Shikar, thinking Ishaani is cheating Shikar too.

During Bhaat ceremony, RV creates a scene in front of Shikar's relatives, revealing about Ishaani's third marriage. Shikar's aunt are surprised, while Shikar gets irritated with RV. He shouts on RV and asks him to get out of the house. But later on Kanchal's intervention, Shikar continues with the ceremony and dances with Ishaani. Seeing this, RV gets jealous.

In the upcoming episode, Ritika (Smriti Khanna) warns RV and asks him not to interfere in Ishaani's life. Later, Ritika and RV go to Shikar's place and congratulate Ishaani-Shikar for their marriage, Shikar does the same to Ritika-RV.

Unfortunately in Shikar's Tilak ceremony, RV does something that is unexpected. RV asks Ishaani to get his money (Rs 40 Lakhs). But when she gets the amount, he asks her how she managed to get the amount. And accuses her of stealing Shikar's Kandhani jewels, which goes missing.
The shocking spoiler says Ishaani will accept RV's accusation, which leaves Shikar heartbroken!

Baat Ceremony

In Baat ceremony, Ranveer insults Ishaani in front of Shikar's family, which doesn't go well with Shikar. He starts shouting on RV, but Ishaani stops him. Somehow, Kanchal manages to take Shikar away from RV.


Ritika takes RV's promise so that he doesn't interfere in Ishaani-Shikar's life. RV apologises Shikar and congratulate him on his marriage to Ishaani. Shikar too congratulate RV-Ritika as they too are getting married on the same day as Shikar-Ishaani.


But RV doesn't stop here as he accuses Ishaani of stealing Shikar's Khandani jewellery in Shikar's Tika ceremony.


Ishaani is shocked and tries to prove innocent. She does a frantic search of jewellery.


Krisha gets tensed and asks Ishaani where are the jewels that was kept for her marriage. Tears roll down Ishaani's eyes as she has no answer.

Kanchal Shocked

Kanchal too is shocked as she trusts Ishaani. Kanchal had given the responsibility of taking care of jewels as she had given the locker key.

Ritika Shocked

RV says this time he has proof to prove Ishaani a cheater. He says Ishaani mortgaged her jewellery and he has the proof from the shop keeper!

Shikar Shocked

Shikar is shocked to know all these, but he still trusts Ishaani.

Shikar-RV Fight

When RV tries to insult Ishaani more, Shikar tries to hit RV and fight erupts. RV tries to save Shikar from Ishaani thinking she is a cheater, but Shikar's belief on her doesn't allow to believe RV.


Dewarsh will be the culprit, who would have done this to get money. It should be seen if Shikar and RV gets to know about this.

Ishaani Innocent, But Accepts Stealing

Though Ishaani is innocent, she accepts the accusation of stealing the jewellery, which leaves Shikar heartbroken.

Shikar Heartbroken!

Will Shikar throw Ishaani out of the house? Is this the end of Shikar-Ishaani's love story? Will Ishveer get together at least know after knowing the fact that Ishaani is innocent or will Ishaani choose Shikar again?

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