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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Arrested; Ranveer To Know The Real Motive Of Ishaani!

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In the past few episodes of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, we saw Ranveer (Shakti Arora) proving his aashiqui towards Ishaani (Radhika Madan), but now we will see Ishaani's love. From when she came to know that RV was in trouble, she changed her decision of not giving divorce. She now wants divorce from RV to save him and his reputation.

Ishaani would be thinking a lot to sign divorce paper as she still loves RV and doesn't want to stay away from him. Just because of her sister Disha's act of changing real diamonds to fake, she had to sign divorce papers and ask for RV's Diamond Company as alimony.

Baa and Chaitali are seen sharing their happiness of Sharman getting engaged to Ritika. They are even happy about Ishaani's decision of asking for alimony, especially RV's diamond company. They are glad that Ishaani is thinking of family's wellness. They become so greedy that they don't see Ishaani's real motive behind the alimony.

Ishaani takes the help of Manas to know the details of the diamond consignment. Manas asks Ishaani to reach office early, so that they can search for papers.

At office, they get the papers and take it to excise clearance office to know about the delivery. They are asked to take the ownership papers to courier office, for which they go to lawyer to get the papers. But they get to know that the papers are stuck in notary. They get the papers from notary office and go to Courier office, where they get to know that the consignment was delivered.

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Ishaani With Divorce Papers

Ishaani is seen thinking a lot to sign divorce papers. She still loves RV but wants divorce just to save him.

Ritika-Sharman’s Engagement

Full-fledged preparations for Ritika and Sharman's engagement are seen at home. Baa asks family members to arrange everything fast and properly.


RV tries to stop them by saying, it is his house and not dharamshala. But Ishaani interrupts and says she will take back her divorce decision so that the engagement ceremony can happen.


Amba says RV to let them carry on with their function else Ishaani won't give divorce. RV says since he wants divorce from Ishaani, he will let the function happen at home. Ishaani pulls RV's leg by saying he is saying no to his best friend Ritika's engagement to happen at his home!

Ishaani Unhappy

Ishaani leaves home saying she is going for shopping. Ishaani's money minded and carefree attitude hurts RV a lot, which in turn hurts her.


Ritika and RV are seen arguing as the later says he can't attend the former's engagement. She makes him understand that it is his best friend's marriage and is happening at him place itself.

RV Says…

RV says he can't stand Ishaani as she has changed a lot. He can't take the fact that she has changed so much for money!

Ritika Says…

Ritika asks him to speak to her, but RV refuses. Somehow Ritika manages to make RV agree to attend her engagement.


After struggling and roaming all offices they get to know that the consignment has already been delivered.


Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) is upset with Ishaani's decision and is confused to support her or not. Nitin (Hiten Tejwani) still doubts Ishaani's change and thinks that there must be some reason behind her divorce. He promises Falguni that he will soon find the same.


Derwash, Parul and Prateek are worried about Ishaani's decision. They wonder when everything was alright, why did Ishaani ask for divorce?

Ishaani Arrested

Police asks for the diamond factory owner RV as they have arrest warrant. But Ishaani interrupts saying the company is in her name and they can arrest her. RV is shocked to see this.

Seems like he has now understood Ishaani's real motive as he asks police to take her without putting handcuffs.

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