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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Breaks Ranveer's Heart Once Again!

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's Ishaani, Radhika Madan, was seen breaking Ranveer's, Shakti Arora, heart yet again by saying she never loved him and the love she had for him was fake. She also says she has always loved Chirag and still does.

After having found Ishaani and realising she is still alive, Ranveer will not be ready to let her go, but things turn out to be against his favour when Ishaani decides to break Ranveer's heart by revealing that she never loved him at all.

Amba, who tried to send Ishaani out of the country will use Rithika to keep her away from Ranveer this time. Ishaani believes Ranveer is happy with Rithika. It will be for the sake of their unborn child that she decides to stay as far away from Ranveer as possible.

Ranveer, initially confused with Ishaani's confession, starts to believe that she has always loved Chirag and has never been in love with him. Ishaani decides to make Ranveer believe that she has always seen him as her servant and that she can never fall in love with a driver's son.

Ishaani decides to leave Ranveer and so tries to leave Shikhar's house, but he will stop her and asks her to stay. Whether Ishaani decides to stay or leave forever is yet to be seen in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Now that Ranveer knows Ishaani is still alive, will he be able to stay away from her or will he figure out her act soon enough?

Ranveer Finds Ishaani

Ranveer finally manages to find Ishaani but meets with an accident before getting to her. After getting treatment, however, Ranveer wasts no time to see her.

Ranveer Confesses Love

After Ranveer confesses his live to Ishaani and expresses how much he had missed her, he gets shocked to see Ishaani not reciprocating the same feelings.

Ishaani Lies To Ranveer

Ishaani will be seen lying to Ranveer about her feelings for him. She will inform him that she was deliberately trying to stay away from him to avoid him.

Expresses Her Hate

Ishaani will then express her hatred towards RV. She will inform him that he has hated him ever since he separated Chirag from her and that it has always been Chirag whom she has loved.

Ishaani Leaves

Ishaani informs Ranveer that she has always loved Chirag and that she married him out of revenge. She also confesses that she was forced to get married to him and that she hated him ever since.

Ishaani Breaks Ranveer's Heart

Ishaani tells Ranveer that she has hated him ever since he got married to her and that she has never loved him at all. She breaks his heart by telling him that she has always seen him as a servant and nothing more.

Ranveer Shattered

Ranveer will be seen heartbroken and informs Ishaani that she could have just told him that she does not want to stay with him and that she never loved him instead of all this.

Actual Reason

The actual reason why Ishaani said all the hurtful things to Ranveer will be because of Rithika. Amba would have told Ishaani that Ranveer and Rithika are happy and are going to have a baby and should not be separated by her.

Rithika In Danger

Rithika who would have got stressed due to the news about Ranveer's accident will get into trouble at the hospital. Ishaani gets to know about Rithika's condition and decides to break Ranveer's heart.

Ishaani Leaves Ranveer

Ishaani will then leave Ranveer informing that she cannot stand living with him and that she needs to go away to lead a life thinking of Chirag.

Ranveer Heartbroken

Ranveer will be seen crying with his heart broken to pieces. He will be seen in shock to hear the hurtful things Ishaani told him.

Shikhar Asks Ishaani

Shikhar will be seen asking a number of questions to Ishaani but she would choose to keep things to herself and avoid answering anything.

Ishaani Leaves?

Ishaani will be seen packing her bags to leave Shikhar's house so she can go as far away from Ranveer as possible. But, Shikhar will be seen stopping her from it.

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