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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Confess Truth To Shikhar, Ranveer Propose To Rithika!

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi had Ishaani (Radhika Madan) confessing the truth about her not loving Shikhar and agreeing to marry him just for her selfish gain. While Shikhar accepts her anyhow, Ranveer goes ballistic with their union and proposes marriage to Rithika.

Ishaani, who agreed to marry Shikhar under pressure when Rithika barged into their house to tell everyone the truth, soon realised such a big mistake she was committing. So she explained to Shikhar the actual reason why she agreed to marry him - Ranveer.

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Shikhar will be seen believing that Ishaani only loved Chirag and that she never loved Ranveer but, he seems to obsess about her. Ishaani also informs Shikhar that she wants him to move on in his life by marrying Rithika and to make that happen he needs to see her moving on by marrying someone.

Ranveer, who over hears Ishaani and Ranveer having this conversation will be seen getting extremely angry that Ishaani is so easily moving on with another man. Ranveer later will be seen proposing to marry Rithika the same day as Ishaani and Shikhar will be getting married.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's upcoming sequence will have Ranveer and Ishaani getting married again but to different people. Let's wait and watch if it will happen after all or will something else happens to stop it from taking place.

Ishaani-Shikhar Marriage

Ishaani and Shikhar's marriage announcement will be made by Shikhar's parents. Ishaani hearing them announce gets panicky and asks to talk to Shikhar.

Ishaani Confesses

Ishaani confesses to Shikhar that she is marrying him for her selfish reasons and not because she loves him. She says she wants to marry so Ranveer will move on in life.

Shikhar OK With It

After listening to what Ishaani had to say, Shikhar will be seen telling her that it does not matter what her past is comprised of he wants to marry her.

Ranveer Was Listening

Ranveer will be seen listening to Shikhar and Ishaani's conversation. Shikhar knew this and would speak to Ishaani according to this.

Shikhar And Ishaani's Pretense

Shikhar and Ishaani put up a facade for Ranveer's sake. They will pretend to be a happy couple who are going to get married soon.

Ranveer Hurt And Angry

Ranveer will be seen getting hurt and angry at the conversation Ishaani and Shikhar had. He will even fall for the facade they put up in front of him.

Ranveer Proposes To Rithika

Ranveer will be seen proposing to Rithika in front of everyone. He will be so angry with Ishaani moving on with Shikhar that he goes on his knees to propose to Rithika.

Ranveer's Reaction

Ranveer will be seen making a great show of going on his knees to propose to Rithika and informing everyone else that he will be getting married to Rithika in a very grand wedding ceremony.

All For Ishaani?

Ranveer will inform everyone that though they are married he will get married to Rithika in a very grand never seen before wedding ceremony.

Ishaani Hurt

Though it was what Ishaani intended to happen, when it was happening and Ranveer was proposing to Rithika, she will be seen shedding tears.

Ranveer Really Marry Rithika?

Will Ranveer really marry Rithika over his anger on Ishaani? Will he realise the truth behind Ishaani's lies before that?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Let's wait and watch Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi to see how Ranveer and Ishaani's weddings to other people take place.

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