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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Finds Mystery Girl With Ranveer!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, it is Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) birthday celebration time and her brothers, Parul and Ritika are seen arranging for the same. Sharman is still upset with Ritika's closeness towards Ranveer (Shakti Arora). He doesn't trust his love Ritika and even makes Ishaani suspicious about Ranveer-Ritika's friendship.

When Ritika will be convincing RV to confess his love to Ishaani, Sharman sees the same and misunderstands their friendly hug. He shows this to Ishaani, who gets upset and decides to speak to RV the same night.

Ishaani thinks of clarifying her doubt before signing the divorce papers. Worried about the same, she meets Nitin (Hiten Tejwani), who had got the gift to her. Even Nitin asks her to speak to RV, if he is hesitating to speak.

Chirag is seen speaking to Girish about RV. Chirag is furious as RV not only burnt the house documents, but also took away the diamonds from Chirag. When Chirag provokes Girish to do something, he says about the hotel where he and Ritika go daily. They have been hiding something and is restricted place for others.

Chirag goes to hotel and bribes the waiter. He gives him money for each question he asks. The waiter even asks him not to tell about him as his job will be in trouble.

Parul, Ritika, Derwash and Prateek call Ishaani to cut the cake, while Ritika goes to call RV. Ishaani stops her and tells not to call RV. They start the cake cutting ceremony as RV joins. She makes RV eat cake, but just when he was giving her share of cake, he gets a call and drops the cake. Ritika also gets the call and both leave the place.

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Sharman Upset With Ritika

Sharman misunderstands RV-Ritika's friendly hug. He shows this to Ishaani, who gets upset and decides to speak to RV the same night.

Ishaani Thinking ...

Ishaani has divorce papers with her and she wants to confirm if RV loves Ritika before signing it.

Nitin Gifts Ishaani

Nitin wishes Ishaani on her birthday and gives a gift. He also advices her to speak to RV, if RV is hesitant to speak. When Ishaani thinks RV has forgotten her birthday, he consoles her by saying that RV might be planning some surprise for her.


Chirag goes to Girish and says how he was ditched by RV. Girish discloses about the hotel where RV and Ritika go daily.

Chirag Bribes Waiter

Chirag bribes the waiter and asks the details of the room where RV and Ritika go.

Chirag In Hotel

Chirag gets the card of the room and gets to know about the girl who is in the room. Who is this mystery girl? Why are RV and Ritika hiding her?

Ishaani's Birthday Cake

Parul, Ritika, Derwash and Prateek are seen arranging for a cake for Ishaani's Birthday celebration.


Ranveer celebrates Ishaani's birthday by cutting the cake with her. Ishaani shares the first piece of cake with RV.


While Ranveer was about to make Ishaani eat, he gets a call and drops the cake. At the same time, Ritika too had got the call. RV-Ritika look shocked and run outside, without saying a word.


Sharman again tries to say Ishaani that Ritika has an affair with RV and she should trust it at least now, as RV and Ritika left together leaving Ishaani's birthday.


Ranveer and Ritika are seen near hotel and Ishaani follows them. RV asks Ritika not to come in as there was fire.

Ishaani Finds The Mystery Girl With RV!

Ishaani tries to go in but is stopped by the security. She helps a lady who was suffering. She also sees Ritika coming out of hotel room coughing, followed by RV who carries the lady. RV is shocked to see Ishaani.


Who is the mystery girl and why is Ranveer and Ritika hiding her from Ishaani?

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