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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Post Ritika's Miscarriage, Ishaani To Lose Challenge; RV Asks For Divorce!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, as we know Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ritika (Smriti Khanna) have challenged to bring out each other's secrets out. Although Ishaani is almost wins with her good deeds, Ritika is scared that she will lose the challenge and will plan to kill Ishaani again.

In the previous episode, Ritika tried to make Ishaani secluded, by sending her family out of the house. She even gets Sharman arrested so that Ishaani fall weak and lose the challenge. But Ishaani's Kaka, who also knows Ishaani's secret, asks her not to lose hope and to win her challenge.

Ishaani doesn't break her fast during Teej ceremony as her family is in difficulty. Ranveer (Shakti Arora), who can't see Ishaani sad, brings Ishaani's family home. He also releases Sharman from jail. RV also says it's a gift for Ishaani, for Teej.

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Ishaani is happy as she is almost wins the challenge. She provokes Ritika as she said she had got expensive earrings from RV for Teej. Ritika is also angry because RV got Ishaani's family back home. She plots something against Ishaani.

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Ritika hires a shooter, who will be asked to kill Ishaani the same night. On the other hand, Ishaani gets to know about Chirag's mother from Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and is happy that she will end the game soon.

But fate had something else in store for them, as the bullet will hits Ritika instead of Ishaani. Ritika will start another drama, which may again separate Ishaani and Ranveer.

Read the spoilers in the sliders...

Chirag's Mother

Chirag's mother will ask Ritika to reveal the truth to Ranveer, failing which she would tell everyone Ritika's secret.

Ritika Threatens Chirag's Mother

Ritika threatens Chirag's mother not to reveal about Chirag's baby to RV. Since if RV gets to know the truth, Ritika will lose RV for ever.

Chirag Mother-Ishveer-Ritika

Chirag's mother doesn't listen to Ritika and goes to terrace where Ishaani and RV are reviving their friendship.


Ishaani will try to fulfil RV's three wishes - watching stars, dancing and pottery.


Chirag's mother goes to terrace where Ishveer are reliving their childhood days. She will tell RV not to take responsibility of someone else's child. She also adds that Ritika is pregnant with Chirag's baby.

Shooter Aiming At Ishaani

RV is shocked to hear this. But right when the confusion starts, Ritika will be hit with the bullet as Ishaani and Ritika swap places and the shooter was aiming at Ishaani.

Ritika Shot

RV will go behind the shooter, while Ishaani will take Ritika to the hospital.

Ritika's Miscarriage

In the hospital, Ritika will blame Ishaani for the miscarriage.


RV gets to know about Ishaani's truth as Ritika will get proofs against Ishaani's memory loss drama and he will not be ready to listen to Ishaani.

RV Upset With Ishaani

RV will lose complete trust on Ishaani even though the latter tries to tell the truth of Ritika. Ishaani tries to tell RV that she was there to save him.


Ishaani goes to Shikar, who also starts weeping along with her as he can't see Ishaani sad.

RV Asks For divorce

RV asks for divorce as he doesn't want Ishaani anymore and says that since the day she came back to his life she has been troubling him and his family.

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