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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-Ranveer Go For Movie Date; To Be Caught By Amba!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) love is getting strong with each passing day. Though they do drama of staying away from each other in front of their families, they are seen together when Amba and Baa are not seen around.

This has been going long and their ‘chori chupa' romance is still continued with their romantic dates even after Valentine's day! After dinner date with their family, RV decides to take Ishaani to a movie date.

RV and Ishaani had fooled Amba and Baa the previous day in their dinner date. RV took up the challenge to dine with Ishaani and hold her hand in front of their families. Ishaani and Ranveer also take close pictures in front of their family and they even dance closely!

Ishveer say Amba and Baa that they are acting to be close just to show public that all is well between them. If they do not do this, they will be blamed; and if any of them do not cooperate, then they will have to face punishment in court.

Since this dinner date was Ishaani's challenge, RV had taken it up to prove his love. Now since RV want to spend some private time with Ishaani, he takes her to movie.

At the same time, RV's father Baba will also decide to take Amba to a movie. Unfortunately, Amba and Baba will be seen in the same theatre, watching the same movie and that too seated beside Ishaani and RV!

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RV wants to spend some private time with Ishaani and tells her to be ready for a movie date.

Ishveer's Family

Ishaani and RV again fool Amba and Baa, as they say they have work and will be late home.

Baa Doubts

Baa doubts Ishaani and RV's strange behaviour and goes to lawyer. She ask him to fasten the process of divorce.


Chaitali is seen pulling Amba and Baba's leg. Baba will be seen trying to impress Amba, he also plans to take Amba for a movie and prove he is still young!

Chirag Tensed

Chirag is tensed as his girlfriend Shanaila was getting recovered. RV had taken responsibility of taking care of her. Chirag now plans to find permanent solution for RV. Since he will be in trouble if Shanaila gets well soon.


Girish expresses his doubt about RV being good to his sister Shanaila. Chirag, who gets tensed that he will be caught, will try to convince Girish saying RV is bad.


Ishaani and RV sit in the same row and beside Amba and Baba in the movie hall.

Chirag Enters Theatre

Chirag too gets into the hall somehow, though is caught with security man. What he tries to do? Should be seen in the upcoming episode.

All Shocked!

Due to some disturbance, Baba shouts at security saying someone is trying to touch his wife Amba. Ishaani and RV turn back and are shocked to see Amba and Baba.

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