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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Surrenders Herself For Killing Chirag; Will Ranveer Save Her?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Chirag's fight will finally end. RV spares Chirag's life and leaves the place. While Ishaani (Radhika Madan), who comes to consciousness, finds Chirag dead. She thinks RV had killed Chirag while fighting. And to save him, she leaves few of her items in the spot as proof, so that police find them and think she has killed him.

While RV reaches police station, Ishaani too reaches the place. Ignoring RV's questions, she surrenders herself saying she has killed Chirag. He tries to stop her, but by then police get RV's watch and shirt piece in the murder spot and arrest him.

Though we all know by now that both Ishaani and RV are innocent, and Ritika is the culprit, we are yet to know how and why Ritika killed Chirag. We also know that Ishaani goes to jail and saves RV. But will RV get to know about the real culprit? Is Ritika lying about her pregnancy? Who is the real father of her baby? Well, these doubts will only be solved post leap.

Let's have a look at the other track where Baa blames Amba of torturing Ishaani and gets them arrested. Though Amba and Baba try to clarify police, police put them behind the bars and hit them badly. Now that RV and Ishaani are out, they may oppose this but police may deny releasing RV's parents.

From the recent promo, we are sure that the case on Amba will be withdrawn as Falguni gets the tape which has Baa's statement. From the tape, they get to know that Baa wanted money from Ishaani's alimony and that's why she did all these.

Amba Jailed

Ranveer's parents are jailed because of Baa's complaint. Lakshmi and Parul try to bail them out.


Baa, who just thinks of money and nothing else, accuses Amba of torturing Ishaani.

Ritika's Father Admitted

Seeing Ritika's fate, Ritika's father Javeri, gets critical. He gets admitted to hospital. Will Javeri survive?

RV Gets Lift

RV gets from a person and directly goes to police station.


Ishaani too reaches police station and surrenders herself for killing Chirag.


Though RV stops her from surrendering as he knows she hasn't killed Chirag, Ishaani misunderstands that RV had killed him. While police say Ishaani that without inspecting the murder, they can't make an arrest.


Just then another police enters with RV's proof near the place of murder. Police arrest RV.


Ishaani would have thrown few of her things so that police get the proof and arrest her, thinking she has killed Chirag.

Will RV Save Ishaani?

As we all know that Ishaani will get arrested by the end of the day, it is to be seen if RV will save Ishaani from getting arrested?


Falguni gets some proof against Baa and try to bail out Amba from jail.

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