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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani To Finally Kiss Ranveer!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ishaani (Radhika Madan) are busy with full on romance. Both will be seen finding excuse from their family to spend quality time together.

RV had planned for a surprise date for Ishaani. To spend time with Ishaani, RV sends Amba and Baa to pooja, so that none can disturb them. He takes help of family members to convince Amba and Baa. RV convinces Amba, and Ritika manages Baa. Both will be sent to the pooja venue together. While RV and Ishaani makes excuse and leave together saying they are going to lawyer.

After Amba and Baa leave, RV gets Ishaani back home. He takes her to the room, where he surprises her with their pictures on balloons. They share few romantic moments. When RV is almost close to Ishaani to kiss, she excuses saying she is hungry. RV realises that he hadn't arranged for dinner on the date and Ishaani starts arguing.

RV orders for pizza, but Ishaani fights with RV over her cooking skills and leaves to other room. Ishaani notices a gift on table and blushes seeing a dress. She reads out RV's letter. He had praised her looks and asked her to wear the dress that night.

Though Ishaani wears the dress, she pretends of not seeing the gift. But RV manages to notice. He loosens the belt of her white robe and gets close to Ishaani. When RV asks her to say something, Ishaani stammers and runs away. Both run towards the door and when Ishaani opens, both gets shocked to see someone near the door!

Undeterred by the members at home they again find some time together. How? Read on to know more...


Ranveer surprises Ishaani with a gift. He gifts her a red dress and leaves her a note to wear it.


Sharman surprises Ritika with Valentines gift. Ritika is quite impressed with Sharman. But during her date, her stomach gets upset and leaves to washroom. Sharman still doubts on Ritika's behaviour.

Ritika On Phone

Though Ritika asks Sharman to trust her, Sharman follows her to washroom. There he finds her speaking with someone. He overhears her saying she lied to Sharman about her love! What is Ritika hiding from Sharman? With whom she was speaking on phone? There are to be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Ishaani's Drama

When Ranveer asks about the gift, Ishaani teases RV saying that he must have forgotten to keep the gift. Ishaani pretends to be busy with her pedicure.


Somehow RV manages to see Ishaani hiding the dress. He picks her up and gets close to her. He loosens the belt of her white dress.


Just when RV gets close to kiss Ishaani, she runs away from him.

Ishveer's Date Disturbed

RV follows Ishaani, who opens the door. Both are shocked to see the family members (guests) home.

Chirag Tensed

On the other hand, Chirag is tensed with RV's men who chase him for money that he had taken. He discusses with Girish that he won't let RV live peacefully.

Ishveer Fight For Pizza

Ishaani and RV will be seen fighting for pizza. Are they (seen in the picture background) who interrupt Ishveer's date?

Finally Ishaani Kisses RV

According to reliable source, undeterred by the family members, RV finds chance and successfully gets into Ishaani's room. But Chaitali follows him there too. To hide from her, RV gets into cupboard. When Chaitali leaves, Ishaani opens cupboard to free RV. But to help suffocated RV, Ishaani kisses him. Well, Ishaani doesn't know that her RV was acting!

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