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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Oh No! Milan To Replace Ranveer; Ishaani-Ranveer To Separate Again!

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Now this is what we call it as testing of patience! The makers of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi never want their lead pair to re-unite and audience to be happy. Ishaani  (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) fans are waiting for their reunion and just when they were about to get married this ‘Milan' spoils their love.

Ishaani and Ranveer have been given many love tests in their lives, but the results are always disappointing. At first, Baa and Amba were against the couple's marriage. Then came Chirag, followed by Ritika and now Milan. Uff, the story doesn't end here at all!

Milan doesn't let RV-Ishaani rest peacefully. The past of RV-Milan is yet to be revealed. Milan will want to take over Ranveer's position and wants everything that RV owns, even Ishaani.

Even though Nimisha, Ishaani and Ranveer's wedding planner tries to make Ishaani understand about RV's evil character (Milan), Ishaani ignores. After Nimisha, Milan will be caught by Sharman, who also tries to tell about RV's evil face to Ishaani, but in vain.

In the previous episode, Sharman would have seen RV (Milan) misbehaving with Nimisha and informs to Ishaani, who reveals the same to RV. A worried RV asks Ishaani to not to marry him until his health gets better, but Parul interrupts.

Because of Disha's unexpected entry, Parul's marriage with Manas halts. Manas hears Parul telling Ranveer not to halt his marriage and feels sad for Parul as she is hurt. It has to be seen what Manas decides now - to stay with Disha or to move on with Parul?

Read the story and the spoiler in the slide...


Milan misbehaves with Nimisha which will be seen by Sharman. Like Nimisha, Sharman too misunderstands Milan to RV.

RV Drugged

Ranveer will reach the hotel as he thinks of not worrying Ishaani anymore with his headache. But Milan drugs RV and takes RV's place.


Sharman and Nimisha show the proof of the photos taken by RV (Milan). Ishaani decides to prove both wrong and takes them to hotel and calls driver, who says RV looked tired and seemed like his health was upset.


RV asks Ishaani about the discussion that was confusing him. RV will be shocked to hear that Sharman saw RV misbehaving with Nimisha.


RV is confused and upset with the incidents happening around him. RV asks Ishaani to not to marry him until he gets well, but Parul interferes and asks them to get married.

Disha's Entry

Disha's entry confuses Manas as the latter loves Disha. On the other hand, he is worried that Parul will be upset as she loves his little kid a lot.

What Manas will decide now - To stay with Disha or to move on with Parul and get married to her?

Milan Drugs RV Again

In the upcoming episodes, Milan will drug RV repeatedly. He replaces his medicines with RV's.

Ishveer Marriage?

According to the latest spoiler, during marriage, Milan will replace RV in the mantap and get married to Ishaani.


It is also reported that Milan will declare RV as a mad person and send him to a mental asylum!

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