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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Oh No! Rajat Straps Bomb To Ishaani; Ranveer To Rescue!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) true love is going through lot many tests by fate. Just when Ritika gets arrested and we thought everything with Ishaani and Ranveer is going to be fine, a new villain enters the scene.

Ishaani will be kidnapped by Rajat (Amit Tandon), who is said to be Ranveer's business rival. But, actually Rajat kidnaps and acts according to his boss (who speaks to him over the phone). Rajat, though looks harsh will ask Ishaani to have tea which will be provided by Chotu.

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Chotu calls Rajat as his mama, and asks Ishaani not to speak to chotu much as Rajat will not give chotu chocolates. Helpless Ishaani finds phone nearby and tries to call Ranveer, who is busy speaking to police.

Ishaani will finally manage to speak to RV and ask him to take away from the place as the kidnapper (Rajat) looks dangerous. RV promises that he will rescue her, but Rajat finds Ishaani talking over the phone and slaps her.

Rajat demands RV a ransom of Rs 20 crores and asks RV not to inform police. On the other hand, Amba is happy that Ishaani is kidnapped as she doesn't want the latter to be in her son's life.

Chaitali doubts that Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) would have kidnapped Ishaani, but Shikar's sister Krisha and Dewarsh argue that Shikar loves Ishaani and won't harm her. Even RV believes the same and says Shikar is helping him in the search.

Read the spoiler in the slides...


In the upcoming episode, Ranveer will take the ransom to the person. RV finds a person with the same bag, he was carrying and will think him as the kidnapper and will hit him.


Rajat will be a few steps away and will watch RV.


According to the spoiler, Ranveer meets Rajat. He will give Rajat the money and will ask for Ishaani.

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Rajat will ask him to give the money and return home as he will send Ishaani home. There will be some heated arguments between the two.


On the other hand, Shikar meets Ritika in the jail and informs her that the kidnapper is caught.


Ritika is stunned to hear this, while Shikar also tells her that the kidnapper has revealed that Ritika had hired him.

Shikar Meets Ritika In Jail

It should be seen if Shikar was trying to get the fact out of Ritika by telling this or whether Ritika really hired the kidnapper!


When RV tells that the kidnapper knows the family very closely and is one among the family, Amba face turn pale.

Ishaani Kidnap

Is Amba behind Ishaani's kidnap? Was Amba informing about Ranveer's move so that the kidnapper remains alert?


In the upcoming episode, Amba, Baa, RV and Shikar reach the place where Ishaani was present.


Rajat would have strapped bomb to Ishaani and asks RV not to come near.

Ishaani Tries To Jump

She even tries to jump in the water so that the bomb doesn't explode where her family was present.

RV Saves Ishaani

Shikar and RV ask Ishaani not to jump but she will not stop. RV will run to save her and hug her. He tells her that they will live and die together.


According to the spoiler video, RV will take off the belt and save Ishaani.

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