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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: OMG, Ishaani Gets Death Sentence; Ranveer Shocked!

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It's high drama time in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, as a big trouble drops on Ishaani-Ranveer's love life. As we know, Chirag was behind Ranveer (Shakti Arora) to kill him. But somehow RV manages to escape and spares Chirag's life. Ishaani (Radhika Madan), who tries to reach and stop RV-Chirag's fight, rolls down and faints.

When Ishaani gets back to her consciousness, all she finds is Chirag dead. She is in the impression that RV killed Chirag during the fight. To save RV from this case, Ishaani leaves her sari piece and ear ring at the spot of Chirag's dead body. So that police arrest her.

Ishaani comes to the police station and starts her drama of hating RV and says he is the one who murdered Chirag. RV and Falguni, who are also in the station, don't understand Ishaani's intention. RV tries to speak to her, but she insults him saying she hates him and loved Chirag. She also says RV's parents ill-treated her.

RV manages to bail out his parents. He also gets to know that Ritika's father is serious. When RV and his parents reach hospital, Ritika's father Javeri would have died. RV consoles Ritika, who blames herself for her father's death. She also says what Sharman thinks about RV and her. RV and Ritika reach home after finishing last rites of her father.

Baa doubts Ishaani's intention. Baa asks her why she supported her, when RV's parents didn't ill-treat Ishaani. But Ishaani avoids Baa's question and asks her not to say about this to any at home.

Angry Amba asks RV to divorce Ishaani, but RV pulls Ishaani to the room. He puts the loud speaker on, so that none in the house know what they are speaking. He asks Ishaani to sign the papers. He later tries to convince that he knows that she is doing all this to save RV and this time he won't go wrong or leave her.

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Ishaani Finds Chirag Dead

Ishaani finds Chirag dead and thinks RV killed him.


Ishaani leaves her sari piece and earring in the spot of Chirag's dead body. So that police finds the proof and arrest her and save RV from getting arrested.


She also speaks for Baa's statement in the police station that surprises the later. Ishaani speaks rudely to Baa and asks her not to reveal that she spoke against RV's parents.


Ritika says about her breakup with Sharman to RV and tells what the former feels about later. Ritika blames herself for father's death.


RV-Ritika perform last rites of Javeri. RV convinces Ritika and takes her home.


Derwash thinks Ishaani is doing all this to save RV. He tries asking, but Ishaani doesn't respond properly. She gets to know about Ritika's father Javeri's death and runs to see Ritika.


RV asks Ishaani to sign divorce papers, but she ignores.


RV tries to convince Ishaani. He expresses his feelings towards her and says he will now not mistake her for her sacrifices. He asks her to tell the truth.

Ishaani Arrested

RV informs her that he didn't kill Chirag. Why is she taking the blame on her. This shocks Ishaani. Just when Ishaani was about to say something, police arrest Ishaani.

Ishaani Gets Death Sentence

Ishaani hurts RV by saying she loves Chirag. She says she wanted money and she played with RV's love. She never loved him.

RV Shocked

Though RV is hurt and shocked, he still believes that she is doing this because of some pressure. Ishaani is punished for playing with RV's love and gets death sentence!

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