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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: OMG! Sharman Ditches Pregnant Ritika, Who Kills Chirag To Save Ranveer?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Chirag will be seen attacking Ranveer (Shakti Arora). Chirag would have warned Ishaani (Radhika Madan) that he will kill RV on the day of Sharman-Ritika's Sangeet. Chirag wraps himself in the bedspread and lies on the ground to trap RV. As planned, RV stops and Chirag throws chilli powder on his face.

Then starts their fight, both will beat each other in such a way that they look unrecognisable with blood strains everywhere. While Ishaani runs to find RV, she finds RV's car's number plate which had blood strains on the way. Tensed Ishaani looks for RV, shouting his name. Few steps ahead, she finds blood strained bullet-locket of RV.

Ishaani breaks down as she also sees blood strain on the road and goes that way. She will be stopped by a man in cycle, who cautions her not to take the way that she was taking. But she doesn't listen to him and asks his help. The man says about the white car that went in that way.

Ishaani, though being warned, runs towards the prohibited way. She gets confused which way to take, and right then a drunk man stops her. She tries to runs from him, but the drunk man shouts about the way RV and Chirag took. He says that the two men (RV and Chirag) fought very badly and they were seen driving the car in such a way that they will die soon!

On the other track, Sharman gets to know about Ritika's pregnancy and breaks his relationship with her. Not only this, he insults her saying the baby was not his, but of Ranveer's. Another shocking thing is, Ritika will be seen arguing with Chirag!

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Ishaani finds blood strained number plate and gets tensed.

Ishaani Finds Locket

Ishaani finds bullet-locket and breaks down. She runs around calling RV.

Ishaani Cries

Ishaani finds blood strains on ground and thinks RV is hurt badly and starts crying.

Ishaani Asks A Man

Ishaani will be stopped by a man, who cautions her not to take the way that she was taking. He says the way is dangerous as there may be wild animals or thieves on the way.

Ishaani-Drunk Man

Drunk man stops Ishaani, who scares her. She tries to run away, but the man stops saying he found the white car passing by.


Ritika gets a call from a person, who says she is pregnant.

Sharman Listens

When Ritika's father asks about her health, she says about her pregnant. Javeri and Ritika have argument about when to say this to Sharman, who is shocked to hear this.


Sharman and Ritika dance on their family's demand. Sharman asks Ritika about pregnancy while dancing.

Sharman Insults Ritika

Ritika takes her to the room and says it is Sharman's baby. But Sharman insults her in front of all saying she is pregnant and RV is responsible for this!

Amba Happy

While all try to console Sharman, Amba is happy that Sharman broke relationship with Ritika.

Ritika Kills Chirag!

The shocking thing is Ritika will be seen arguing with Chirag. She will push Chirag, who falls in a ditch, getting annoyed by him. RV will be far watching all these. How does she reach the place? Where is Ishaani?

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