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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Post Ishaani-Ranveer Marriage, Milan Kills Nimisha; Replaces RV Again!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) love is in trouble as RV's duplicate Milan tries to replace RV. In fact, Milan even replaces RV, but do you think the latter won't be caught, at least by Ishaani?

In the previous episode, we saw how Ishaani's bangles broke, and chunari gets torn, while getting ready as a bride. Ishaani believes that these are bad omen. Worried Ishaani meets RV, without breaking rules of marriage (that is not seeing each other).

Ishaani tells RV that she is scared as her bangles broke and shagun ki chunari got torn. While RV tells her not to worry as there are new bangles, Ishaani makes him understand that it is a bad omen. RV promises crying Ishaani that what-so-ever may happen, he will definitely marry her today.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:Milan Replaces Ranveer After Ishaani-RV Marriage; Ishaani Doubts Milan-VIDEO

Though Ishaani is upset, she feels relaxed speaking to RV, who will later be taken to temple. In temple, Pandit and Amba ask RV to do pooja. But when RV will be on other side of the temple, the police takes him to the station for the statement in Nimisha's case.

Though RV doubts on police as they take him in a different way, the fake police divert him. But on reaching the police station, RV gets to know that they are fake police, and fights with them to reach the marriage venue.

On the other side, in the temple itself Milan takes RV's place and does all the pre-marriage rituals. Although he acts weird, none will doubt him as of now. Milan will sit in mantap with Ishaani, who doubts him as she doesn't get the feel of RV beside him!

Read the story and spoiler in the slides...

Ishveer Marriage

Right when the marriage rituals starts, the power goes off. Ishaani again senses something wrong.

Ishveer Family

The family members light candle as the pandit says there is less time for marriage.


But Milan will leave the mantap to check what's wrong with the current and why it went off.


Exactly, at this time, RV comes home and meets Rawal outside. Rawal asks if RV is fine as Milan is all set to trouble him.


Also, Sharman asks RV, what is he doing outside and why did he leave the marriage in the mid-way. Surprised RV goes with Sharman.


Ranveer replaces Milan now and gets married to Ishaani, who is happy with RV.


But just when everything was going well, RV again will be replaced by Milan... How?? Read on to know...


Milan, who was outside checking current, will meet Nimisha and get into an argument. Nimisha reveals that she has got to know his real face and he is Milan, not RV.

Nimisha Dead!

Fearing his truth will be out, Milan pushes Nimisha from the corridor. Nimisha falls dead right in front of Ishaani and RV!


We assume that RV will be going to check the problem in corridor and during this time, Milan would fight with RV replace him.

Milan Embarrass Ishaani

During post marriage rituals, Milan will embarrass Ishaani by asking her about honeymoon in front of everyone. He even will be seen singing strange songs!

RV's Weird Acts

Also, he will be showing dislikes for RV's likings, which will soon be noticed by the family members.

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