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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Meets With An Accident; Ishaani’s Prayer Saves RV!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) is trapped by Milan, while the latter is at RV's house, enjoying RV's name and fame. Milan even tries to get closer to Ishaani (Radhika Madan), but fears that she will identify him and get to know the truth.

RV had told Milan how much he trusts his love Ishaani who will definitely find where he is. Thinking of this, Milan maintains a distance from Ishaani.

Unlike RV, Milan hurts Ishaani with rude behaviour and words. This makes Ishaani uncertain about RV's health condition, and prays for his good health.

During Dhan Teras festival, Ishaani decides to get closer to RV and makes all arrangements in the bedroom. When Milan was almost close to Ishaani, he gets a call and leaves the place.

Meanwhile, RV escapes from the hiding place, as the godown catches fire. RV hides from Milan's men who follow him. Milan's men call him to say that RV has escaped. RV decides to go to the house first, to reveal Milan's reality.

On the other hand, Milan dreams of RV coming home and revealing the truth. He even recalls RV's faith on his love Ishaani, who would identify him anyway. When his parents doesn't identify Milan-RV, Ishaani comes forward and points out at real RV.

Milan's dream breaks when Ishaani disturbs him. Ishaani asks Milan to accompany her to the temple as they have to do the pooja together, by giving him coins. Milan hands back the coin and asks her not to act like typical wife.

Read the remaining story and the spoilers in the slides...

RV Escapes

The godown in which RV was tied up, catches fire. Though RV calls for help, no one helps him. RV somehow manages to escape from the place.

Milan's Men

Milan's men find RV escaping from the place and follow him. But they miss him as RV hides. They call Milan to tell that, RV has escaped.


Meanwhile, Ishaani arranges the bedroom and Milan tries to get closer to Ishaani, but gets the call from his men.

Milan's Dream

Milan fears that RV would spoil his plan. He dreams of RV coming to the house and revealing Milan's truth.


Ishaani breaks his dream by asking him to accompany her to the temple, but he leaves ignoring her request.


Ranveer runs to reach home, but unfortunately, meets with an accident. Manas would be driving the car. RV gets badly hurt, and slips into coma.

Ishaani Visits Hospital

In the upcoming episode, Ishaani will be visiting RV in the hospital and prays for him. Doctors are shocked as RV comes to conscious, which was impossible as he was hurt badly.

Ishaani’s Prayers Saves RV

Ishaani's prayers yield results by saving RV, and doctors call it a miracle. RV gets ready to take revenge on Milan!

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