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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Breaks Down In Front Of Ritika For Hating Ishaani

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, we witnessed a big drama at Ritika-Sharman's engagement, where police comes with arrest warrant against Ranveer (Shakti Arora). Ritika stops her engagement in the middle and comes to save Ranveer. Even her father says RV is innocent and he has been trapped by his business enemies.

Police doesn't listen to any and by the time they arrest RV, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) stops them and take the blame on her. She says she is the owner of the company and she should be arrested, not RV. Though Falguni asks him to stop the police, he lets Ishaani go.

This makes RV's sister Parul furious and she scolds him for letting her Bhabhi go. RV acts tough and asks Nitin to join him for an important meeting. Sharman, on the other hand, stops his engagement and with his other brothers call lawyer to save Ishaani from going into jail.

Ritika is stunned by Sharman's reaction and her father consoles her as her engagement doesn't take place. Nitin (Hiten Tejwani) tells RV to think twice before deciding Ishaani as culprit. He gives him a clue saying only his enemy can do this and not the loved ones. RV, though gives a thought to what Nitin said, pretends to ignore and asks Nitin and Manas to continue with their work.

Manas is angry on seeing Chirag at RV's office. He tries to send Chirag out and even scold people at office as to why they let him in. RV interrupts and asks him to send Chirag to his cabin.

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Disha asks for diamonds that she had given to Chirag, but he lies saying he threw them. Disha gets to know that he is ditching her and bashes him, but the smart Chirag shows the picture that he had taken of hers while stealing and blackmails her. Disha had to return empty handed!

Chirag Accepts RV's Deal

RV knows that Chirag is his biggest enemy and he has diamonds. He asks him to return them to him and take his house in exchange, as his house is more worth than diamonds. He gives him two minutes, and Chirag finally accepts the deal.


RV asks Manas to get the papers. Chirag is happy that he will get back his home. But in fact he is trapped by RV.

RV Burns Papers

RV throws wine and burn the papers. Chirag is annoyed to see this, while Manas is happy with the trick that RV played.


With this Manas get to know that Disha was lying to him saying she threw the diamonds. He bashes her for lying.

Sharman, Prateek And Dewesh

Though Sharman, Prateek and Dewesh get lawyer, but police refuse to wait and take Ishaani to lockup.

RV Saves Ishaani

RV stops police from putting Ishaani into jail and says he withdrew the case as he is the owner of that company and has got the diamonds back.


When police ask him who is saving Ishaani, RV says it's Ishaani's husband and the owner of the diamond company who is saving her. Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) is happy seeing this.


Though Ishaani and RV sit together in the same car, they don't speak. RV is guilty that he didn't trust his love.

Ranveer Breaks Down

Ranveer breaks down in front of Ritika saying he is guilty that he didn't trust Ishaani and hurted her.

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