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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer-Ishaani Marry Again!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, it's aashiqui time. Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) start expressing each other's love. Previously, RV had taken ulta phera's when he thought Ishaani ditched him. Now that everything is fine between them, RV-Ishaani takes pheres and marry again.

It was Ishaani who hated RV first. Because Chirag ditched Ishaani during marriage, RV married her. RV had been loving Ishaani from long time, but Ishaani was in the impression that Chirag loved her. It was only after marriage, Ishaani got to know about Chirag's reality. By the time she express her love to RV, Chirag became villain in their love story. He clicked some intimate pictures of Ishaani and showed to RV that made him believe that Ishaani played with RV's love!

RV and his family put Ishaani with many tests to prove her love to RV. Finally, Ishaani succeeded as RV comes to know that Ishaani asked for his Diamond Company in alimony just to save him from fraud.

Ishaani also had the divorce papers ready, thinking RV doesn't love her anymore. Now that Ishveer's love is in the air, RV burns the divorce papers and takes phere.
Seeing RV holding Ishaani in his arms and taking pheres, Amba and Lakshmi will be shocked. When Amba and Baa shout their names, RV drops Ishaani down! They are then seen fighting in front of them. Later, Baa and Amba take them away.

Both Ishaani and RV's family (Amba-Lakshmi and Baa) doesn't want to see them together. So in front of their families the couple behave they hate each other and when they are away, Ishveer's romance starts.


Ranveer apologises Ishaani for misunderstanding her. Finally, RV and Ishaani express their feelings and will be seen together.

RV Burns Divorce Papers

Previously, RV had taken ulta phera's when he thought Ishaani ditched him. Now that everything is fine RV burns the divorce papers.

RV-Ishaani Taking Pheras

In front of the burning divorce papers, Ranveer takes pheras, taking Ishaani in his arms.

Amba-Lakshmi Shocked

Seeing Ishveer in this avatar, Amba and Lakshmi are shocked.

RV-Ishaani's Drama Continues...

RV drops Ishaani down as soon as Amba calls his name. Ishaani and RV again start doing drama immediately after they see Baa and Amba. Ishveer start fighting and Baa takes Ishaani away.

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