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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Is Ranveer Jealous Of Ishaani-Shikar?

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi has become interesting with Ishaani (Radhika Madan)-Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora)-Ritika's (Smriti Khanna) love tracks. Ishaani, though loves Ranveer, wants him to move on as Amba requests her to go out of his life and give new life to Ritika-Ranveer.

Ishaani does the same and moves on in her life by deciding to marry Shikar. This doesn't go well with Ranveer as he thinks Ishaani a cheater. But the fact is he loves Ishaani and can't see her with someone else.

RV tries a lot to stop Shikar-Ishaani's marriage, but in vain. Ritika, who loves RV, doesn't let him to interfere in the Shikar-Ishaani's life and takes RV's promise of not getting into the couple's matter. But RV can't forget his childhood love.

When Ishaani will be on the way home with lots of bags in her hand and in new Punjabi avatar, her dupatta flies off. A guy passing by, helps her with the dupatta. But RV thinks the guy is misbehaving with Ishaani and starts hitting him.

Ishaani gets wild with this and stops RV. She also clears his misunderstanding saying the guy was just helping with managing her dupatta.

Previously too RV was insulted at Shikar's house, when he tries to blame Ishaani of cheating Shikar and calling him home. But Shikar, who knows Ishaani very well, doesn't believe him. Moreover, Ritika comes to the spot and creates a scene by crying. Since Ishaani was fasting for Shikar, the latter breaks her fast by making her eat Prasad. Seeing them closer, doesn't go well with RV and tears roll down. Does this mean he is jealous of their love? or is he just sad seeing Ishaani with another man?

Read on to read more spoilers...

Ishaani-Shikar, RV-Ritika, Dewarsh-Krisha

In the upcoming episode, there will be a sequence, where all the three couples - Ishaani-Shikar, RV-Ritika, Dewarsh-Krisha, who are set to get married will be dancing together with their respective partners

Ishveer, Shikar

Seeing Ishaani closer to Shikar, RV get jealous and he won't be able to concentrate on his dance moves.


RV will insult Ishaani by accusing her of stealing jewellery. But later RV and Shikar get to know Ishaani is innocent. It will be raining and just when RV tries to reach out Ishaani, Shikar comes running and hugs Ishaani.

Ranveer Possesive

Ranveer gets possessive when a guy touches Ishaani's dupatta. He hits him without knowing the fact that the guys was helping Ishaani.

RV Jealous

When Shikar makes Ishaani eat Prasad and dancing closely, RV gets jealous.

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