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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Saves Ishaani’s Life; Sharman Sees Ritika With RV!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Amba is worried about Chirag, thinking if he will come on time to the court or not. Amba calls Chirag to know about his whereabouts. He lies saying he is stuck and doesn't have fuel in his car and may reach late. Amba comes to him, gives remaining money for his work and asks him to be on time.

Chirag gets into car and checks the money. He has the original newspaper (money was covered with it) and duplicate, which had Sheik Haseena's news. Luckily, he doesn't notice and drives off the car.

Sharman gets ready with Sameera and Parul. He says them to get ready to go to court with Chirag, after he calls.

Ishaani (Radhika Madan) is seen praying and takes Amba's ashirwad. But as usual Amba taunt her. Amba forcefully makes Ishaani do Vidai Ceremony. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) asks what the drama is all about and to excuse him to office as he has lot of work.

Just then Chirag enters with the lawyer and say that he has something very important to tell that will change RV's life for good. He clarifies that he doesn't have anything to do with Ishaani, she is sati-savitri, he doesn't have any affair with her before or after marriage and she is like sister. This stuns all, but RV doesn't bother and moves on.

Ishaani follows him and tries to stop his moving car. She says Chirag had told everything and he can't go without answering her, but RV moves.

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Ishaani In Mid Of The Road

Ishaani is stunned to see rock-like Ranveer as he leaves her and isn't ready to believe the truth that Chirag said. She stands in mid of the road.

RV Saves Ishaani

Seeing Ishaani in the mid of the road, RV runs towards her to save her from an accident. Both hug each other and their chains get stuck.

Chirag Being Charged By Amba-Lakshmi

Chirag, on the other side, is screwed by Amba and Lakshmi. They chase him and he gives their money back. He also adds that he is getting married to a rich girl and has nothing to do with Ishaani.

Sharman Sees Ritika With RV

In the hotel, where Sharman is with Sameera and Parul, sees Ritika speaking to RV. He is stunned to see her there as she had told him that she is not in the town! What was she doing with RV, why did she lie to Sharman?


Disha asks Manas to try other means of earning as what he earns is not enough to pay the debts. She does a drama and also says her family is under RV, who is cruel to them. She asks Manas to bribe in RV's diamond business, but he says her that he won't go wrong way to earn. Disha is seen irritated and thinks she will have to do something for this!

Will RV Forgive Ishaani?

It has to be seen if RV accepts and forgive Ishaani and will Chirag gets to know the truth that he was trapped?

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