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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Hates And Loves Ishaani Even Now!

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's Ranveer (Shakti Arora) is seen getting extremely angry with the closeness between Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Shikhar in the recent episode. Though he says he is trying to save Shikhar from Ishaani, all he is doing is being jealous of them getting close.

Rithika had mentioned to Ranveer that he hates Ishaani so much because he loves her the same amount. To prove her wrong Ranveer would burn all Ishaani's photos and even try to attend social gatherings where she will be there to show that he does not care about her any more. But, the actual situation is entirely different.

'Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi': Ranveer Burns Ishaani's Photos For Rithika!

When Ranveer arrives at Shikhar's house to attned his parent's wedding anniversary, Ranveer pretends to not care about Ishaani's presence but, Rithika notices that he has all eyes on her every move. Ranveer will be seen trying to hurt Ishaani by accusing her of cheating not only him but also trying to cheat Shikhar the same way she did him.

Ishaani, on the other hand, will try her best not to show her hurt feeling at seeing Ranveer happy with Rithika and not caring about her but, she hides it well. And when Ranveer tries to instigate her, she responds without getting emotional and makes him see only the mean person she has made him believe.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's upcoming episodes will have Shikhar and Ishaani's marriage proposal taking center stage. Will Ishaani agree to marry Shikhar? Will Shikhar convince her to marry him? What will Ranveer do when he gets to know about Shikhar and Ishaani's marriage? Let's wait and watch.

Ranveer Arrives At Shikhar's House

Ranveer and Rithika arrive at Shikhar's house for their wedding anniversary celebration. Ranveer would have agreed to come to the party to prove to Rithika that he no longer cares about Ishaani.

Ishaani Shocked

Ishaani, who would have arranged everything for Shikhar's parents, will be shocked to see Ranveer and Rithika arrive at the celebration.

Ranveer And Ishaani

Though Ranveer would have claimed to Rithika that he will ignore Ishaani, he will not be able to stop himself from watching her every move.

Ishaani Hurt

With Ranveer going out of his way to present himself as happy with Rithika, Ishaani will be seen feeling hurt because of it, even though that is what he intended for him.

Ranveer - Shikhar

Ranveer would have sabotaged Shikhar's work. Ranveer will be seen warning Shikhar that the loss might be because of the lady who has entered his life.

Ranveer And Ishaani

Ranveer finds Ishaani alone and tries to hurt her by accusing her of treachery and cheating. He will express how fine he is now and that he will make sure she suffers.

Ishaani Gives It Back

Ishaani will be seen giving it back to him by challenging him to do his worst. She will tell him that she has only done what she felt was right and does not have to worry.

Ishaani And Shikhar

Ishaani and Shikhar will be seen getting close to each other over time. The two will be seen spending a lot of time together as well.

Marriage Proposal

With Ishaani and Shikhar's growing closeness, Dadi and Shikhar's mom decide to get them married. The two will decide on talking to them regarding this.

Ishaani And Shikhar's Family

Ishaani will be seen accepted as Shikhar's family and will also be asked to cut the anniversary cake along with their entire family.

Ranveer Disturbed

Ranveer will be seen disturbed with the development. Since he believes Ishaani will end up cheating Shikhar and his family he decides to put an end to it.

Ranveer's Reaction

Ranveer will be seen getting extremely angry at the sight of Ishaani and Shikhar's closeness. Though might claim it is because Ishaani is a cheater, it is basically because he still loves her.

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