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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ritika Blurts Out Truth Seeing Chirag; Ranveer To Be Back With Ishaani Soon

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) is eager to marry Ritika (Smriti Khanna), which we had already informed with our previous spoiler. Now, we have got to know why Ranveer was so eager to marry Ritika.

It is well-known to MATSH fans that Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and RV are inseparable. Though Ishaani loses, RV doesn't give up, and puts an end to Ritika's evil story.

In previous episode, Ritika calls Ishaani to help her with dress, but insults her to the core. Ritesh comes to speak to RV to ask for his final decision of marrying Ritika. But RV says his decision is final and wants Ritesh's blessings for marriage.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer To Know Ritika's Truth; Stops His Marriage Mid-Way To Stop Ishaani!

Ritika gets ready and she will ask the band people to perform in front of servant quarters. Ishaani is hurt with the marriage preparations. Baa tries to bear all these, but Ishaani tells Baa that she is very much hurt and she feels like she is dead with RV's marriage to Ritika.

A person will also indicate that though the day is good, something strange is going to happen the same day. Ritika will feel strange but will take the words in her way as she is happy to get finally married to RV.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Watch New Promo - Ritika Hurts Ishaani; Ranveer Eager To Marry Ritika?

RV, who is ready in the mandap, will watch all these silently, while Ishaani and Baa look sad. In the upcoming episode, Ritika will make Ishaani do the rituals. She will make her tie the ‘gath bandan', which Ishaani had untied previously. This was a sort of revenge of Ritika.

Read the story and the spoiler in the slides...

Ritika Insults Ishaani

Ritika will insult Ishaani by showing her the khandani bangles that she got, which will be given only to daughter-in-law. She will also ask her to choose the dress for her.

Ishaani Hurt

But later, Ritika will send her off by saying RV has started loving her and he will like her in any dress. This upsets Ishaani.


Ritesh comes to RV to warn him indirectly about his decision of marriage with Ritika, but RV says that his marriage with Ritika is good to all and even Ishaani.


Ritika will get ready and ask the servant to make the band people to perform in front of servant quarters (where Ishaani stays).


Ishaani will be hurt by hearing this and seeing the marriage preparations. Baa will ask her to trust God and tells her that they will pray to God for RV's happiness and to save him from Ritika.

RV In Mandap

RV sits in the mandap and asks the pandit if it is the right time to tie ‘sehra'.

Strange But Good Day!

On the other hand, the other person tells RV's father that it is a strange but good day as the person will even come out of death and the two lovers will meet finally today.

Ritika Happy

Ritika and others will find it weird but will take it to their side as RV is happy with the marriage.

Ritika Tortures Ishaani

In the upcoming episode, Ritika will torture Ishaani emotionally by asking her to tie the gath bandhan.

Ritika Shocked

According to a reliable source's information, after the Ritika and RV's marriage, Ritika, who is very happy, will get a shock of her life when she sees Chirag.

RV Reveals Ritika's Truth

Seeing Chirag, Ritika will blurt out truth of her crime and this is when RV will get to know the truth.

RV Tricks Ritika

RV would have come dressed like Chirag to expose Ritika's crime.

Fake Marriage!

RV will also reveal that it was a fake marriage as the pandit was not real.

Ishveer Together!

Finally, it is an end to Ritika's crime and a new beginning to Ishveer's love story.

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