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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ritika’s Never Ending Drama; Ishaani-Ranveer’s Incomplete Love Story!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ritika's (Smriti Khanna) never ending drama continues, which leads to Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) complicated and incomplete love story, till now. Ishveer's fans need not worry as the couple will soon reunite with a high voltage drama!

Ritika, just for a need of a family, kills her own people back to back and remain unfaithful even with her friend Shikar (Arjun Bijlani). First she wanted RV in her life but since he loved Ishaani, he got married to Ishaani. Later she planned to marry Sharman, but by then she got pregnant with Chirag's child and everything got upside down.

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Sharman got to know about her pregnancy and broke up his marriage with her. Dejected with this, Ritika goes back to her so-called love Chirag, who ditches her. Furious Ritika kills Chirag and when she comes back home, she finds her father dead.

By now Ishaani will take the crime of Chirag's murder on her head, trying to save RV. To make RV get out of her life, she hurts him badly saying, she loved Chirag. This became an advantage to Ritika. She got Amba and RV's sympathy.

Also, after Ishaani got released, she made sure that Ishaani doesn't come back in RV's life. But being true love, Ishveer got to see each other. Also, Ishaani's mother Falguni got to know about Ishaani being alive and wanted to request Ritika to reunite Ishveer.

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Ritika, who didn't want this, kills Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) by pushing her from terrace. Now that she is scared that Ishaani will know the fact and also get back to RV, Ritika plans to kill Ishaani.


Ritika takes the help of contract killer to kill Ishaani, but RV saves her. The killer will also be jailed as Shikar and RV finds him.

Contract Killer

Ritika manipulates killer's statement. She threatens him to say that the contract was given by Ishaani's brother Dewarsh.


Ishaani, Shikar and RV gets to know this. RV directly bumps into Shikar's home and slaps Dewarsh for killing Falguni and trying to kill Ishaani.


Ishaani sends RV back home saying it's family matter and they will solve it. On the other side, Ishaani is also confident that Dewarsh can't kill anyone.


Dewarsh will be jailed, while Ishaani's Mehandi functions are going on. She tells Shikar that she won't apply mehandi until Dewarsh is released.

Sharman-RV Fight

Sharman bails out Dewarsh, while RV bumps into police station too. He slaps Dewarsh. God knows from where, Ishaani comes to hurt RV.

Ishaani Hurts RV

Ishaani again hurts RV, which makes him decide to divorce Ishaani and move on with Ritika.


Ritika, who is happy with the developments, gets to know that Ishaani has bailed out Dewarsh and she doubts about Ritika's unborn baby's father.


From Sharman she gets to know that Ritika's unborn baby's father is not Sharman.


To clarify with RV, she calls Ranveer but before she gets back to the fact, Ishaani will be kidnapped.


Ritika asks her men to kill Ishaani, but they remain unsuccessful. She leaves the house wearing bridal dress in search of Ishaani.


Soon Ritika's drama will end and the incomplete love of Ishveer will get a result as they will soon reunite.

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