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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ritika & Nirbhay Torture Ishaani; Ranveer Ready To Take Revenge On Ishaani!

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The show, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is taking a different turn, post leap. Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) have parted ways and turned rivals, because of Ritika (Smriti Khanna). The new character, Nirbhay Singh (Mohit Abrol) will be seen introducing his family.

Nirbhay, who wants to take revenge on Ranveer, will use Ritika and Ishaani. Ritika will be seen obeying his orders and torturing Ishaani on his orders. This guy is a successful businessman.

Though he is illiterate, no one in the village has the guts to disobey his order as he is filthy rich and has power.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Ritika tortures Ishaani. Also to test Ishaani's love, another person will be introduced in the jail, who is none other than Nirbhay. He will come in the disguise of a helpless farmer. He tells Ishaani how cruel these people are, and how they hate lovers.

The farmer decides to run, and asks Ishaani to join him. Unfortunately, they will be caught by Ritika's goons and the farmer will be shot dead.

On the other hand, Ishaani gets to know that Ranveer will be completely cured that day, as the bandages on his face will be removed. Ishaani feels helpless, as she will not be able to see RV.

Ranveer recalls how Ishaani had ditched him, and decides to take revenge on her. When the doctor asks whom does he wish to see first immediately after his bandages are opened, RV tells Ishaani's name, as he hates her to the core. Ranveer recalls the days, he was away from Ishaani, and is desperately waiting for the day to take revenge on her.

At Vaghela house, Amba will be happy with RV's return, and asks servants to decorate the house. She also asks Mala to destroy all the things that might remind them of Ishaani.

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Ishaani gets the food in the jail, while she will be shocked to see the gate open. She goes out to see what is happening in the house and is surprised to see people decorating the house.

New Family

Ishaani gets to know that the main person is being welcomed home. But seeing two guys, she gets confused. She decides to thank the person, who has taken charge of curing RV.


Seeing Ishaani out of the jail, one of the persons in the house, asks her to return to the jail room. But she will be shocked to see people in the house getting ready to sacrifice somebody.


Ishaani overhears a person saying that they have been waiting for this moment for the past six months. She fears if they want to kill her as the farmer had told that the ‘mukhya' of the house, hates lovers and tries to separate them!


Ritika will ask Ishaani to get ready. She takes her to Nirbhay, as he arrives home. Ishaani fears that she will be killed. Nirbhay will be seen distributing gifts to all the members of the house.


The family also has a lady, who looks handicapped. Is she Naina, Ranveer's new love as we reported previously?

Ishaani's New Look

Ishaani will be seen in designer suits, while Nirbhay declares her as his maid, at first! He makes her do all the work. Later, he asks her to wear proper clothes!


Seeing Nirbhay trying to kill a goat, Ishaani runs to save the innocent animal. She starts giving a lecture and protects it from being killed. Nirbhay chops off the fruit nearby Ishaani and the goat, shocking her!

Nirbhay Declares Ishaani His Wife!

Nirbhay declares Ishaani as his wife later, and asks her to shut her mouth, and not to speak until he asks her to. Ishaani is shocked with Nirbhay's words, while Ritika watches all the fun and enjoys Ishaani being tortured.

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