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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:Ritika Separates Ishveer;RV’s Parents Sent To Mental Asylum;RV Gets New Girl

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ritika (Smriti Khanna) has re-entered in Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) life. She is all set to take revenge on the duo. Ritika has joined hands with a powerful person, who wants to take revenge on Ranveer, too.

Ritika and the person who wants to take revenge on Ranveer has made a not of Ishaani and Ranveer's weakness very carefully, which is their love. Since Milan had injected a harmful virus on Ranveer, the latter is suffering badly, with pain and embarassment. Ishaani, who wants to cure RV's disease caused by the virus, is in search of the antidote.

During her search, Ishaani comes across Ritika, who had the evidences to prove that RV is innocent, as well as the antidote to cure RV. Ritika promises to free RV, only if Ishaani agrees to do what Ritika says. Ishaani becomes a puppet of Ritika.

Ritika burns the evidence (photos and birth certificates of RV and Milan) in front of Ishaani and enjoys seeing Ishaani cry. She asks Ishaani to sacrifice her love (RV), if she wants him to stay happy. Ultimately, Ritika wants to separate Ishaani-RV and see them suffering.

Ritika asks Ishaani to give statements against RV in the court, and only after this, she would give her the antidote. Meanwhile, in the court, Rawal, who was one of the evidences to prove RV innocent and Milan guilty, changed his statement against RV as Ritika had kidnapped Rawal's wife and kid.

After Rawal changes his statement, he begs Ritika for his wife and kid, but she handover the flight tickets to him and asks his family to leave the place.

In the court, Ishaani shocks everyone by changing the statement against RV as Ritika said. Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) is shocked with Ishaani's statement, and asks the judge, a day's time to find out what the problem was.

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Ranveer Shattered

Ranveer is shattered that Ishaani didn't support him as promised. RV's repeated requests for Ishaani to meet him, goes unanswered. RV's jail friend also provokes him by saying against Ishaani (love).


Ritika warns Ishaani not to tell about her to anybody, or else she will not give medicines to RV. She also tells about the powerful person with whom she has joined hands with.


Ritika asks Ishaani to do as she says. She says just like how she proved RV guilty, she will have to prove her love to RV. Wait, we are confused here! Does Ritika want Ishaani to tell RV that she doesn't love him anymore or should she tell she is in love with another person?


According to the spoiler, Ritika will also ask Ishaani to prove that Ranveer's parents are mad and send them to mental asylum. With this RV will completely start hating Ishaani.

RV's New Look

Also, the latest promo shows Ranveer's changed look and attitude. RV's love for Ishaani has changed to hatred. Will RV, who loves Ishaani so much, misunderstand Ishaani and start hating her? Isn't he not aware of her sacrifices?

Mohit Abrol Plays Nirbhay!

As we reported, Mohit Abrol, who plays the role of Nirbhay, will enter the show. He will be seen playing the role of a Haryanawi businessman. Is he the person who had joined hands with Ritika and wanted to take revenge on RV?


Nirbhay will enter Ishaani's life. In the promo, both of them will be seen in the party, Nirbhay will be introducing Ishaani to his guests. As Ritika had asked Ishaani to prove her love to RV, will Ishaani go and tell RV that she is in love with this new man, Nirbhay?

Ishaani Is No More RV's Love!

As we reported, there will be a host of new entries in the show, post leap. Among these new entries, Alefia Kapadia will enter Ranveer's life. Alefia will be seen playing the role of Naina.

RV-Ishaani In New Family!

Naina is the youngest of the girls in the new family. Naina's life will be confined to a wheelchair and RV will be seen as her love, who would change her life completely. With RV's help, Naina will soon start recovering.

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