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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Shikar Renames Ishaani As Nirupa Roy; Ranveer Fails To Recognise Ishaani

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) will decide to change her name to change her identity. Ishaani thinks with this change, she can move forward in life and none can recognise. Well, doesn't she know changing name doesn't change face! She takes Shikar's (Arjun Bijlani) help, who helps her in naming as Nirupa Roy. LOL!

Shikar names her as Nirupa Roy as Ishaani keeps weeping almost every now and then like the actress. He had named Ranveer (Shakti Arora) as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan... Remember the display name on his mobile when RV had called Shikar to know about the girl whom he met!

Though Shikar keeps joking on Ishaani, he is unknowingly getting attracted to her. He was never moved by any girl's tears, but he didn't like seeing Ishaani cry. He helps her in almost every way and wants to see her happy.

In previous episode, Ishaani was upset as her brother Derwash was cheating on Shikar's sister. He wanted to marry her just for her money. Ishaani gets to know this. But what she doesn't know is RV is still helping her family by giving money to Derwash, who is using it for his own and not giving it to her family.

Shikar Consoles Ishaani

Shikar tries to console Ishaani who doesn't want to become burden on their family. He asks her to restart the life afresh as she wants. Since she helped his mom, they are helping her. She can work in his mom's NGO and earn.

Shikar Hides Ishaani

Seeing Ranveer at his place, Shikar hides Ishaani as she was crying. He thinks RV will misunderstand him if he sees her crying and bombard with questions, which he can't answer. So he asks Ishaani to stay in the room and not to come out until he asks her to. He also asks her to stop crying as he can't see her in that condition.

RV Fails To Recognise Ishaani

Shikar gets a call and makes RV wait. RV sees a girl crying in a room and goes near her. He gives her tissues to wipe her tears. RV doesn't know that the person whom he helped with a tissue was Ishaani. Though he is just a step behind Ishaani, he doesn't see her. But Ishaani sees RV and is happy.

Ishaani’s Ring

Ishaani gets to know that he has come to Shikar to return her ring. She doesn't want him to see her as she thinks he is married now to Ritika and is happy. She takes Shikar's girlfriend's help, who takes the ring on her behalf saying it is hers. RV again misses to find Ishaani is alive.


Ritika will be adjusting the curtain, but RV finds her falling and holds her. At that moment the curtain falls on both of them and Ritika gets close to RV. She starts expressing her feelings, which RV finds awkward and moves off.

Shikar Renames Ishaani As Nirupa Roy!

Ishaani asks Shikar to change her name to change her identity. Shikar jokes on this, but finally renames her as Nirupa Roy, as she keeps crying. He asks her to practice signatures as he will arrange for documents.


While RV asks his maid to keep Ritika's favourite food ready, Ritika comes to the table and excuses him as she wants to speak to him. Amba and Lakshmi look doubtfully as Ritika takes RV. While RV thinks Ritika wants to speak about work and asks her not to stress, Ritika says she wanted to speak about the ‘curtain matter'. In the upcoming episode, Ishaani will see Ritika with RV in a restaurant.


On the other side, Disha gets irritated with her baby as it keeps crying always. She also scolds the children who had come to take the ball as they call her ‘aunty'. Baa asks her to take care of the baby as it was crying, but Disha denies as she hates the baby as it doesn't allow her to sleep peacefully. Baa scolds her saying it is her baby, how can she even think in this way!

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