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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler: Chirag Killed; Ishaani Lands In Jail For Saving Ranveer?

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is taking an interesting and breath-taking turn. Though Ranveer (Shakti Arora) ignores Chirag's warning from Ishaani (Radhika Madan), looks like this time Chirag is adamant and behind RV's life. Chirag will fool RV and both will be seen fighting.

Chirag's main intention is to destroy RV's life at any cost, and to this he goes to the extent of killing him. No wonder, this is nothing big for Chirag as he had previously by attempting to kill him with knife in the movie hall.

Chirag blames RV as he was the reason that Ishaani left him as he didn't get a chance to become rich. Every time Chirag plans to trap RV, the later won. Now, RV tries to save Girish's sister-Chirag's girlfriend Shanaila, who has some proof against Chirag. To save himself from this disaster, Chirag plans to destroy RV-Ishaani.

On Sharman-Ritika's Sangeet, RV leaves to work and through his sister Parul, he asks Ishaani to get ready with the sari given by him. RV, who is planning to express his love in front of family, asks Ishaani to be ready like his bride. But right then, Chirag, the spoiler, calls Ishaani and warns that he will be killing her love RV that day.

Ishaani calls RV and warns him about Chirag, but he ignores. While on the way, Chirag traps RV and they start fighting. RV and Chirag both will be beaten to death.

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Chirag Calls Ishaani

Ishaani gets a call from Chirag. Thinking it to be RV, she says the magical words. But gets annoyed as it was Chirag.

Chirag Warns

Chirag warns her that he will RV today. Ishaani in turn warns Chirag that she will not spare him if he even touches him.


Ishaani calls RV and asks him to be careful about Chirag. As usual, RV ignores Chirag's threats. Ishaani asks him to not to disconnect the call and keep talking to him.

RV Saves Puppy; Scares Ishaani!

RV puts a break to save a puppy on the way. But since RV drops his phone, she thinks something wrong had happened to RV and runs to check.

Chirag Keeps An Eye On RV

Chirag, who wants to kill RV, keeps an eye on RV's every moment.

Chilli Powder

He acts lying on the ground. When RV gets down from the car and asks if he is fine, Chirag throws chilli powder.

Ishaani Runs To Save Chirag

Though the man stops Ishaani, she doesn't listen to him and runs like mad in the prohibited area to save RV.

RV-Chirag Fight

Then starts the deadly fight between them. Both of them will be stained with blood.


On the way, Ishaani finds RV's bullet-locket, and also finds the number plate of RV's car which were all blood strained.

Ishaani Lands In Jail!

Ultimately, Chirag reportedly falls in a ditch and dies. How and who pushes him to death, should be seen in the upcoming episode. It is also reported that Ishaani will again save Ranveer from police, Ishaani lands in jail saying she has killed Chirag.

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