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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler: Dewarsh To Get Bail; Ishaani To Expose Ritika?

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With lots of twists in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, the makers are keeping the audiences hooked to the show. From Chirag and Falguni's (Gauri Pradhan) death to Ritika's (Smriti Khanna) pregnancy and now an unknown person is behind Ishaani (Radhika Madan) to kill her, everything has been a mystery and is yet to be solved.

Slowly the curtains will be raised from the culprit and Ishaani will get to know about Ritika's motive. In previous episode, an unknown person had attacked Ishaani thrice and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) saved Ishaani each time.

The first deadly attack was in the form of a speeding car that was to run over Ishaani. Later the man tried to kill Ishaani on the dance floor with a knife. And the final attack on Ishaani was by making the chandelier fall on her.

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The man get caught as Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) gets suspicious on unknown face in the Sangeet function. Both RV and Shikar bashes him and hand him over to police.

While this happens, Ishaani and RV will start fighting with their emotions. Though Ritika acts normal in front of Ishaani as a friend, when RV gets along with Ishaani, she feels jealous. When she is so much jealous and doesn't want RV to see Ishaani, why is she helping Ishaani in finding the culprit of Falguni's murder?

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We assume, the only motive behind Ritika favouring Ishaani is to watch out for the latter's step. So that Ritika can make her next move against Ishaani accordingly.

Read more spoilers in the slides below...

Worried RV

RV is worried about Ishaani's safety and tries to see her from far by going to her place, but again fights with his emotions.


Baa becomes mediator between Ishaani and Ranveer. Though Ishaani doesn't agree when Baa asks to marry RV, Baa will meet RV and ask him to get back to Ishaani.

Ritika Hurt

Ritika, on the other hand, takes RV's class as she gets hurt when she sees RV and Ishaani very close.

Ranveer Accuses Dewarsh

As mentioned in previous spoiler alert, Ranveer accuses Dewarsh for attacking Ishaani. He says that he had given money to the man to kill Ishaani.

Ishaani Hurt

Not only this, RV also says that Dewarsh had also killed Falguni in the similar way by hiring a killer.


Ishaani doesn't listen to RV as she thinks his brother cannot be a killer. And she goes to police station with Shikar, to know the truth.

Ishaani In Police Station

It is then, Ishaani gets to know that RV was right. The contract killer will not know the name and face, but he identifies the man who had hired him, which matches Dewarsh.

Dewarsh Bailed; Ritika confused

Ishaani is shocked to know this and Dewarsh is jailed. But later Ishaani gets to know that Dewarsh is innocent and he is released on bail.

Ritika In Danger

Now Ritika again gets into danger as Dewarsh will be proved innocent.

Ritika With RV

During Mehandi function, Ishaani calls Ritika to meet her as it was emergency. But Ritika says she won't be able to as it is her Mehandi.

Ishaani Calls Ritika

Ritika calls Ishaani as Hina in front of RV so that he won't know that Ritika is speaking to Ishaani.


Ritika sends RV to get juice and speaks to Ishaani. She calls Ishaani to closer by place to meet where she gets to know Ritika is pregnant with Sharman's child.


But Sharman doesn't accept and now Ishaani is in confusion. Audience will get to know Ritika's pregnancy fact within few days.

Ishaani-RV Back Together

Ishaani stayed away from RV because she thought RV and Ritika have moved on. Now that she gets to know it is not RV's child, Ishaani will come back to RV.

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