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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Is This The End Of Ishaani-Shikar Chapter; Restart Of Ishaani-Ranveer Love?

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Here comes the biggest twist in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) has been trying to distance Ishaani (Radhika Madan) from Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) and has been successful too. In the upcoming episode, Ishaani will admit to RV's accusation against her of stealing Shikar's Khandani jewels, which will leave Shikar heart broken.

Shikar and his family has been trusting Ishaani more than themselves. When RV blames Ishaani, Shikar almost kicks RV. This breaks Ishaani's heart and she moves out of the place. What happens next is interesting as Ishaani will accept the fault that she hasn't done.

Ishaani is known for sacrificing everything for others and this too she would have done with some reason behind. As we all know, the thief is none other than Ishaani's brother Dewarsh who is getting married to Shikar's sister Krisha.

Ishaani may come to know that Dewarsh is the one who mortgaged the jewellery. And if Shikar and his family comes to know that this was done by Dewarsh, they may call of his marriage. Like always, Ishaani might have thought of her family's happiness first and falls into trouble again.

When Ishaani reveals that she has mortgaged the jewellery, all look stunned and Shikar will throw her out of house. According to a spoiler, Shikar, who is heartbroken, will call off his marriage with Ishaani. Will this be the end of Shikar-Ishaani love story!

Before you come to some conclusion, Ekta Kapoor, the maker of the show, seem to have another framed twist for the viewers. As said, truth will always come to light. In the later episodes, Ranveer will get to know that Ishaani is innocent. Just when Ishaani and RV are getting closer, Shikar comes to Ishaani and hugs her.

Read on to know more spoilers...

Ishaani's Frantic Search In Vain

At first, Ishaani is shocked about the whole ‘stealing thing'. She also does a frantic search of jewellery, but in vain.

Krisha Worried

Krisha gets worried as she doesn't find her jewellery that is kept for her marriage. She blames Ishaani as she had the locker keys. Even Kanchal, shikar and his father are shocked.

Shikar-RV Fight

Shikar fights with RV when the latter goes on to blame Ishaani. Both Ishaani and Shikar's family try to stop them. Ishaani is broken and she leaves the place. Baa follows Ishaani as the former is worried about the latter's further step.


The culprit is Dewarsh and in the later episode, Ishaani may come to know this. Fearing his marriage with Krisha may be in stake, Ishaani takes the blame on her.

Shikar Heartbroken

Shikar will be heartbroken and may call off his marriage with Ishaani.

Ishaani-RV Rain Sequence Again!

Ranveer gets to know that Ishaani is innocent. There will be a rain sequence where Ishaani and Ranveer may get closer.

Shikar Hugs Ishaani

The twist is, Shikar too comes to know about Ishaani's innocence and right when RV tries to get closer, Shikar hugs Ishaani.

RV Heartbroken

This is not end of Shikar-Ishaani chapter of course, but RV may have feelings for Ishaani. Since Shikar plans to get married to Ishaani, RV is heartbroken and he continues with the preparation of his marriage with Ritika.

Ritika Reason For Falguni's Death!

Also, a source close to the show revealed that, during Sangeet ceremony, Ishaani gets to know about Ritika's true colours. She also comes to know that Ritika is the reason behind her mother Falguni's death.

Ishaani Calls Off Her Marriage With Shikar

Now Ishaani calls off her marriage with Shikar and drops into Ranveer's house and to stop his marriage with Ritika.

Ishaani Fights To Get Back Her RV!

Ishaani will also remind Ritika and Ranveer of the legal rights of marriage and declare herself as first wife of RV!

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