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Valentine’s Day - Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Confesses His Love For Ishaani; Kicks Chirag!

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Back to back twists in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi are keeping the audience hooked to the serial. Now audiences will be relaxed to see Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) together. Not only together, but we will see the same love of RV towards Ishaani.

Yes, on this Valentine's Day, Chirag will be kicked and Ranveer will confess his love to Ishaani. The love-hate relationship of Ishveer now will permanently change to only love!

Sharman has been doubting Ritika as she was seen close to Ranveer. In reality Ritika was helping RV to confess his love and her closeness and words were misunderstood by Sharman. Not only this, Sharman reveals the same to Ishaani, who was about to drop her divorce and reunite with RV. Just because of Sharman's doubts, Ishaani tries to clarify about RV-Ritika's relationship.

The mystery girl will soon be revealed and Chirag's reality will come to light in front of all. Apart from this we will see RV getting out of control because of Chirag's tantrums. Though Ishaani, Ritika, Sharman and others try to control RV, he will go out of control and kick Chirag left and right.

Chirag will be seen blackmailing RV with Ishaani's and his photos. He will say that if he signs the deal, he will show the pictures to all. He also says Ishaani is second hand wife. This makes RV lose his temper and bash Chirag.

RV will be seen in the room, damaging things. When Ishaani tries to stop him, she will get hurt. RV will be seen apologising Ishaani and first aids her. He also confess his love to Ishaani.

Chirag Responsible For Fire

There was fire at hotel, where RV-Ritika had hidden a girl. To trap RV, Chirag will set fire in the room where the mystery girl was hidden.

Ishaani Finds Mystery Girl

Ishaani finds the mystery girl with Ranveer. In the upcoming episode, Ishaani will get to know why RV and Ritika were hiding this matter from her.

RV Business Meet

RV organises a business meet, where all are seen in Gujrati attire. Chirag comes with a girl to the venue and blackmails RV.

Chirag Blackmails

Chirag adds that if RV signs the deal then he will show Chirag and Ishaani's pictures to all in the meeting. Chirag also says Ishaani that she is second hand wife. This makes RV angry and he kicks Chirag uncontrollably left and right.

RV Hurts Ishaani

RV damages things at home. When Ishaani tries to stop him, she gets hurt. He first aids the wound and say he wasn't angry with her.

RV confesses His Love To Ishaani

RV Confesses his love to Ishaani and says he was angry on Chirag. He says he loves Ishaani a lot.

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