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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Will Ishaani Manage To Escape Ranveer's Advances?

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's Ranveer, played by Shakti Arora, is seen hell-bent in making Ishaani (Radhika Madan) confess the truth. Knowing Ishaani will never compromise with her self-respect, Ranveer tries to take advantage of the situation and find out the truth about her memory loss.

After Ishaani faints and Ranveer takes her home to make sure she gets some rest, Ranveer gets confused with his proximity to her. He starts to doubt Ishaani again in no time and decides to find out if she is actually telling the truth about her memory-loss, accident and about not knowing she was going to marry Shikhar.

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Ranveer pretends to be drunk and makes advances towards Ishaani expecting her to break and confess the truth when pressurised enough. But, Ishaani will do her best to pretend everything is normal and that she is just not in a hurry to be with him. Ranveer, however, refuses to give-in this time and decides to make her very uncomfortable by offering alcohol and even getting real intimate with her.

In the upcoming episode of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani will set the room on fire to escape Ranveer's advances. She will push a candle into a curtain which then catches fire. But, even this would not stop Ranveer. Only when Shikhar and Ritika walk in does he stop trying to break Ishaani.

Ranveer - Ishaani

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's Ranveer has been hell-bent in trying to break Ishaani so she confessed the truth behind her memory-loss drama. He tries to maker her feel uncomfortable with his proximity so Ishaani gives up and confesses the truth.

Ranveer's Plan

Ranveer will be seen planning to make Ishaani confess the truth by making her uncomfortable. He pretends to be drunk by the time Ishaani wakes up.

Gets Close To Her

Ranveer will be seen getting close to Ishaani like everything is normal and it is something common between them.

Ritika Gets The News

Ritika reaches home to get the news that Ranveer has asked for flowers and scented candles for his room in which he is with Ishaani.

Shikhar On His Way

Shikhar will be on his way to reach Ishaani after his sister's wedding. He would have informed his sister that he trusts Ishaani implicitly.

Ishaani Pretends

Ishaani tries to go with the flow and tries to distract Ranveer. She will pretend like everything is fine and that she is just in a mood to talk.

Ranveer Tries Alcohol

Ranveer will then decide to try alcohol on Ishaani. He will try to maker her drunk so he can get the truth out of her not matter what.

Ishaani Worried

Ishaani will start to worry about Ranveer's behaviour. She will not be able to stop him without telling any truth. She will try her best to escape.

Ranveer Hell-Bent

Ranveer would have decided to break Ishaani no matter what and he gets very intimate with her so she will give in and confess. But Ishaani has other plans.

Ishaani Sets Room On Fire

Ishaani will be seen setting the room on fire. She will drop the alcohol and then a candle on it to start a fire so she can escape from Ranveer.

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