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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Will Ishaani, Ranveer Part Ways Again?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) realises his mistakes and is sorry for Ishaani (Radhika Madan). He brings her out of police station by not only getting real diamonds back from Chirag but also by buying the company that had put case on her. This shows to what extent he can go to save Ishaani, though he pretends not to love her!

Parul says Derwesh that she knew that her brother will not let Ishaani go and bring her back home. Ishaani and RV are back home. RV is seen upset and Ishaani follows RV. Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) is happy seeing both together, while Amba and Lakshmi are worried. Amba says she is scared that RV will start loving Ishaani like before as she can see the same love in RV's eyes for Ishaani now. Baa interrupts and says that the older the love, the stronger it is.

RV couldn't face Ishaani so he takes other room. He thinks she did so much for him and he couldn't even realise it though he says he loves him. He is guilty that he couldn't understand Ishaani's motive behind alimony and even said she was greedy. RV is so much in pain that he doesn't even realise it's raining when he goes out!

Sharman, whose engagement with Ritika broke, is still doubtful about his relationship with Ritika. He thinks RV and Ritika are not just friends and there is more to it. When he says this to Ishaani, she tries to convince him that RV has just one good friend and that's Ritika and there is nothing other than this.

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Sharman Upset

Sharman is upset that whatever he gifts Ritika, she never cares for it. When he gave her the earrings, Baa found it in RV's jacket and now she dropped the ring when RV was about to get arrested. Again Baa found the ring!


Ishaani tries to convince Sharman that he should make a call to Ritika as she would be upset. As this is the second time that Ritika's engagement is breaking so he should console her rather getting upset.


Ishaani and Ranveer are back home and RV is guilty as he couldn't recognise Ishaani's true love and blamed her for everything.


Lakshmi says instead of getting rid of Ishaani, RV got her home. Amba is worried as she can see RV's same love and care for Ishaani.

Disha Faints

Manas gets to know that Disha had taken the diamonds from his office and given to Chirag. He bashes her saying because of her sister Ishaani had to go to jail. Manas had even said that he won't believe in her from now on. Listening to all these, Disha faints.

Disha Doctor

Doctor says that Disha is weak and they need to look after her, else it may affect her baby. She even writes prescriptions, which Baa gives to servant to get from medicals.


Disha is now tensed that Manas would not care for her and asks Falguni and Baa if she can stay back there at their place.


Amba doesn't allow the servant to go out to take medicine which irks Baa, who knocks the door of Amba's room in the midnight. Both of them get into an argument bringing up the past. Baba comes in between and stops them saying she should stop bringing up past as now Baa in looked after by them and bang the door on Baa's face.


Ishaani asks Falguni, "If someone they love ask them to go away, is that love? For this Falguni replies, "Yes, in love separate paths don't matter as they love eachother. If they are happy without you, you must go away from them."

Does RV Wants Ishaani To Go Away?

Why did Ishaani ask this question to Falguni. Did RV ask Ishaani to go away? Will Ishaani and RV part ways again?

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