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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Will Manas Reveal Ishaani’s Innocence To Ranveer!

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Seems like love and hate relationship between Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) is never ending. Just when we were thinking that Ishaani and RV will be reunited, there comes a twist. The twist being Ishaani asking for divorce and acting rude like Ranveer.

Ishaani changed her mind overnight and started asking for divorce. Everyone were shocked to know this. Amba calls lawyer so that they sign divorce papers, but then Ishaani asks for equal division of property. This irks RV, who says that he doesn't want to give a penny to her.

Amba stops RV from doing so and says to give whatever Ishaani asks for. She even insults Ishaani's family. Falguni, who is upset with Ishaani's behaviour, leaves the place, but Nitin (Hiten Tejwani) stops her. He says Ishaani's attitude is completely changed overnight and there should be some reason behind it. Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) too doubts her behaviour.

Ishaani asks for Diamond factory papers. RV, who is both irritated and stunned, without thinking twice, signs the factory papers. RV asks Ishaani to shift her place as he can't stand her for a second. He would even say Ishaani that he would send her bag which she had packed to the place where she will be shifting.

Ishaani goes to a room and start weeping. Manas comes in and asks her not to ruin her life like this. Since the diamond consignment was already been delivered, RV could be jailed, if they find the duplicate diamonds. So, Ishaani makes RV to give diamond company as alimony so that when the company people find the diamonds fake, they would put Ishaani behind the bars and not RV.

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Manas says Ishaani that it was the mistake of Disha as she was the one who replaced the diamonds. When Ishaani asks for it, Disha says she had thrown them in gutter.

Disha Takes Revenge On RV

Disha says she did all these to take revenge on RV as he spoiled her life. Ishaani makes her understand that RV did this for Disha's good, so that she would come to know how good Manas was. RV gave place for their family.

Disha’s Drama

Disha does drama again. She makes Ishaani feel that she did wrong and says she would go to jail. She will give birth to baby in Jail. Ishaani then decides that she will take this responsibility.

Sharman-Ritika’s Engagement Fixed

On the other hand, Baa fixes Sharman and Ritika's engagement the next day, fearing after divorce RV would marry Ritika.


Though Sharman makes them understand that it is not time for celebrations as Ishaani is going through bad phase, Baa orders him to do what she says. Since it is good for their family.

Will Manas Speak To RV About Ishaani’s Sacrifice?

It has to be seen that if Manas would reveal RV about Ishaani's innocence and her love towards RV. She is ready to go to jail so that his reputation is not harmed.

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