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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Will Ranveer See Shikar-Ishaani In Ritika’s Babyshower?

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi will take a major turn when Ranveer (Shakti Arora) gets to know about Ishaani (Radhika Madan). Though few member in the family see her while she comes out of the jail, none dare to tell RV. What wonders us is, how Shikar (Arjun Bijlani), best friend of RV and Ritika doesn't know about Ishaani's love RV?

We saw how Amba was partially successful in taking Ishaani out of her son RV's life. But she wants to take her out of his heart as she still rules him. She insists Ritika to help her doing the same. She asks her to marry RV so that they start afresh life. Ritika takes Shikar's help who gives lecture on love and life. He asks RV to forget his ex-wife and be happy with Ritika.

In the upcoming episode, Ritika will be seen enjoying her baby shower, while RV will be seen standing behind. He will be called by the ladies to perform the function as he is the baby's father. Hesitatingly, he comes forward to perform the ritual. He feels that Ishaani is somewhere around him. In fact, Ishaani comes with Shikar to Ritika's Baby shower. It has to be seen if he sees her.

On the other hand, the latest promo shows, Ritika getting to know about Ishaani. Ritika says to RV that Ishaani is not dead, which shocks RV.

It was believed that RV will forget Ishaani and stops getting the vibes that he feels for her as she is dead. He tries to accept Ritika's relationship, but with her entry will RV change his intention? Will RV feel jealous seeing Shikar and Ishaani together?

Derwash Ignore Ishaani

When Derwash says about Ishaani being alive to Chaitali, she asks him not to say any. She thinks she is unlucky for the family.


Even Mala snubs Ishaani. She asks her to go away as RV has controlled himself without her and if he sees her, he may lose his control.

Shikar Speaks To RV

Mala is scared that RV would take hard decision on family's pressure as he thinks Ishaani is dead and to move on in his life. To listen to what they speak she leaves the gas on forgetting to lit it.


Just when the fire is about to burst out when Ritika lights the gas, RV saves her.

RV Hurt

RV is hurt saving Ritika. He thinks of Ishaani and cries.


Ishaani, who too is hurt saving Shikar's mom, applies ointment on the wound. She too thinks of RV and cries.


It has to be seen if RV sees Ishaani in Ritika's Baby shower with Shikar?

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