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'Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’, Says Ishaani When Ranveer Asks For Divorce

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Tired of waiting for Ranveer (Shakti Arora), Ishaani (Radhika Madan) sits for kanyadaan. Pandit says without husband and wife the pooja will not be complete, so RV is needed for pooja. Just then RV arrives with Ritika. When asked where was RV last night, Ritika replies saying he was busy with client and since it was late he had to stay back.

RV stares at Ritika as she lies to all. Ishaani is happy seeing RV and Sharman thanks Ritika for getting him on time for pooja in Disha's marriage.

Ishaani would have worn the sari in worn side, all stares at her. Falguni asks why has she done that, Ishaani says she knows what she is doing and not to worry. RV looks at her and sari, but remains silent as he doesn't want to comment.
Ishaani and RV sit for pooja. Baa and Chaitali introduce Ritika to her family in front of Lakshmi and Amba, who is waiting for doctor to insult Baa's family.

In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, as the Disha's marriage function proceed, the doctor enters and Amba creates drama. She says she wants to tell the fact which most of them might not know. With the help of doctor, Amba says Disha is pregnant before marriage. All are shocked and Baa falls on Chaitali.

RV gets up from mantap and goes to the corner carelessly. Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) asks Disha if this was true and she nods. Manas, who was to marry Disha, is shocked with this. Disha's doctor even says that Ishaani knew about this and why didn't she inform all. Falguni slaps Disha.

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Amba Insults Baa’s Family

Amba insults Baa's family saying Falguni's both daughters are not good. One has affair, even though she is married to RV and other is pregnant before marriage.

Rishi Enters

When all the drama was going on Rishi enters with bouquet. Sharman is angry seeing this, but RV says he had invited him.


Rishi congratulate Manas giving him bouquet. He then says Disha is pregnant with his baby. Disha and all other are shocked listening to this.

Baa Angry

Baa is angry seeing all these. She says RV knew about all these but he wanted to insult them and so he did so. She curses RV, who says with her curses only he is growing. Ishaani stops Baa.


Sharman is unhappy seeing all these and goes to other side. Ritika follows him and says he should be with Disha and forgive her. Sharman says the mistake is not forgivable. Ritika convinces him to be with his family.

Manas Family

Manas family is angry on this and even on RV. They ask him what to do. Baa begs them not to leave, but Manas' mother says she has to beg Rishi not them as only he can marry and save Disha's life.

RV Wants Divorce

RV says he wants divorce from Ishaani and he is ready to pay alimony. He says he will give the whole house to Ishaani and whatever she demands, but wants her to leave him. He says he is the big and real enemy of her family and is bad.

Ishaani Says Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Like how RV is stubborn of hating Ishaani, she is the same loving him. She says RV that she loves him, but RV says it's too late now and he doesn't want her anymore. Ishaani says he can remember her cheating, but she will remember his love and will say 'Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi'.

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