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SHOCKER! Raman's Gift Says Ishita CAN Become A Real Mother In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita/Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi) was until now in the opinion that she can never become a mother but, Raman (Karan Patel) gifts her a news on their first Wedding Anniversary which informed her that she actually can become a mother for real.

Ruhi's Ishima of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein became a mother by default for Raman and Shagun's daughter. She was until now with the opinion that she can never be a real mother but, Raman sends her medical report to a specialist and finds out that though less, she still has the chances to conceive a child.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman, Ishita's First Wedding Anniversary Amidst Roses, Romance!

After getting overwhelmed with the news that she can conceive, Ishita expresses how much this had hurt her before but she does not need it now to be happy. She informs Raman that she is very happy with him and Ruhi and that she does not want anything more to be happy.

Ishita who sends a belly dancer by mistake to Raman's room will then find out it was she who had sent the dancer by mistake. Raman will be relieved more than anything when the confusion gets cleared. Raman will then give Ishita the Anniversary gift, the news that she can conceive.

Ishita might have torn up the papers for the treatment to become a mother but since there are chances of her becoming a mother will she go on to have a child of her own on? Ruhi has been Ishita's world until now and if at all she has a child will that change her relationship with Ruhi? How will Ruhi react if she becomes a mother? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see what changes this will bring into their lives in the future.

Belly Dancer For Raman

A belly dancer will come to Raman's room for a private performance. Though Raman says it might be a mistake the belly dancer insists that she give him a performance.

Raman Scandalised

With the belly dancer performing despite Raman asking her not to, he will be seen hiding behind pillows and trying his best to escape the dancer.

Ishita Arrives

Ishita arrives at the hotel and finds out Raman has booked a suite. Ishita will get surprised he has done so much and goes to the room he was in.

Ishita Sees Raman

Ishita comes to the suite to see Raman on bed and watching a belly dancer performing for him. She will get extremely shocked and then angry at Raman.

Raman On Bed

This is what Ishita will see when she arrives at the hotel suite. Raman on bed and a belly dancer giving him a private performance.

Ishita Questions Raman

Ishita questions Raman and demands him to give an explanation to what is going on in the room. Ishita will not actually let them explain too.

Ishita Starts To Cry

Ishita starts to cry thinking Raman was cheating on her. She will not let neither Raman nor the belly dancer say that it was she who had sent the dancer for Raman.

Raman Silenced

Raman tries repeatedly to explain to her that it was she who had actually sent the belly dancer to the room and not him. He also says that the belly dancer can explain it too.

Ishita's Mistake

Ishita will lock herself in the washroom and it would be then that she realises that it was she who had accidentally sent a belly dancer instead of an interior designer.

Raman Finds Out

When Ishita continues to pretend that it was Raman's mistake and that she is forgiving him, Raman comes to know that truth. Raman expresses mock anger and takes the issue lightly.

Raman's Gift

Raman will then make Ishita sit and gives her the Anniversary gift he had for her. Ishita reads the papers to realise it is her medical reports.

Raman Informs Ishita

Raman informs Ishita that he contacted and had found out that though less, Ishita still has chances of conceiving a baby. He informs her that she can be a mother for real.

Ishita Cries

Ishtia breaks down and cries and tells Raman how much this issue had hurt her until now. She tells him that people had taunted her and she had to suffer a lot due to this.

Ishita Tares The Papers

Ishita will then tare the papers and inform Raman that she is very happy now. She tells him that she has him and Ruhi and she does not want anything else to be happy.

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