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OMG! Preetam To Beat Gautam At 'Torture Cage' Task & Win 25 Lacs In Bigg Boss 8?

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    Bigg Boss 8's latest task, Torture Cage, will have RJ Preetam winning when Gautam Gulati gets affected by Ali Quli Mirza's hurtful words and ends up giving up and leaving the task.

    The task is considered to be one of the most difficult task by far on the show. And with many of the contestants giving up after just few hours, including Karishma Tanna, Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavana Seth and Ali Quli Mirza, the task was carried forward by the determination of few like Gautam, Dimpy Mahajan and Preetam.

    After enduring the torture for a very long time, Dimpy takes a chance by Bigg Boss, which said if she gives up the task she would have a surprise in a briefcase. But little did she know that the surprise was a pizza! Yes, Dimpy would get fooled by Bigg Boss's trick.

    This would leave Gautam and Preetam remaining in the task. Seeing their determination to stay for a long while, Bigg Boss asked the rest of the house to do their best in provoking the two contenders. This is when Ali would target Gautam and throw extremely hurtful words at him.

    Gautam, who would have ignore Ali's words this long would not be able to do so when the comments he passed would get extremely personal. Hurt and feeling betrayed his friends did not help him at this point, Gautam would give up the task, making Preetam the winner of the task and the 25 lacs cash prise.

    Gautam would then be seen breaking down in the bathroom and crying feeling extremely hurt and feeling alone in the house. Bigg Boss 8 the controversial reality show, which has suddenly turned out to be quite entertaining seems to be taking it toll on the ever strong Gautam. Let's wait and watch how much longer the contestants manage to retain their composure.

    Torture Cage Task

    The torture cage task will have Gautam Gulati giving up after Ali Quli Mirza's hurtful words, thus making Preetam the winner of the task.

    Gautam Targeted

    Gautam Gulati was targeted from the very beginning. Though the popular contestant continued to stand strong, as time passed he seemed beat.

    RJ Preetam Too

    RJ Preetam, the last contender against Gautam too would target Gautam during the task being hurt by the fact that Gautam was standing in the shade while he stood in the harsh sun.

    Ali Quli Mirza

    Even from the beginning of the task, Ali Quli Mirza was only targeting Gautam and tried only to make him give up at the task.

    Gautam Stood Strong

    Despite all the targeting Gautam Gulati stood strong the whole time. He would not try his best to ignore the hurtful words and he would manage to do it for a very long time.

    Gautam Gulati's Style

    Gautam Gulati, when targeted by Ali yet again tried to ignore and tackle the situation like he usually does with his humour. But after performing the task consistently standing the whole time, he must have lost his patience.

    Ali Hurt Gautam

    Determined to beat Gautam, Ali would say some of the most hurtful things to him. Gautam who usually brushes off the comments would this time succumbs and gets provoked.

    Gautam Gives Up

    Gautam Gulati would give up the task getting badly hurt at Ali's words. he would be seen breaking down in the bathroom having been targeted by everyone.

    Gautam Accuses Friends

    Gautam would accuse his friends, Sambhavana Seth and Rahul Mahajan for not helping him out during the task. He would express being betrayed when they just stood aside letting Ali hurl harsh words at him.

    Gautam Lost

    The Torture Cage tasks ends with Gautam Gulati losing and RJ Preetam winning the task. Gautam would look most defeated after the task having felt betrayed by his friends.

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