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PHOTOS: What Exactly Happened Between Ajaz Khan And Ali Quli Mirza On Bigg Boss 8!

By Girija Narayan

Bigg Boss 8's Ajaz Khan attacked Ali Quli Mirza recently and punched him repeatedly after their fun went violently wrong. Ajaz lost himself when Ali nominated him and continued to taunt him the same way Ajaz has been targeting him from the moment he entered the Bigg Boss 8's new series Bigg Boss Halla Bol house.

There has been tension between Ali and Ajaz from the moment the later entered the house as a Challenger. Ajaz was clear even before entering the show that he will target Ali but turns out Ajaz crossed his line when he punched Ali not once or twice but repeatedly, despite the other contestants tried their best to stop him.

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Ali, the first wild card entry on Bigg Boss 8 and considered the most entertaining contestant on the show currently, has been staying low off late despite his fun with some of the contestants was kept going. Ajaz, on the other hand was roped in by Bigg Boss to be an entertainer on the show like he was in the previous season. But turns out Ajaz not only failed to entertain he has been out and out disregardful of the format of the show and has refused to stay obedient to the house rules and even accept the punishment Farah Khan gave him on Sunday.

Following his arrogance in refusing to accept the Farah's punishment, Ajaz also refused to do any work inside the house. And after all this, when the Champions nominated him, he took out his anger on Ali by actually punching him.

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Ali, who is famous for his exaggerated reactions, was seen wriggling in pain after Ajaz punched him. RJ Preetam, Gautam Gulati and Rahul Mahajan were seen taking Ali into the confession room post the attack, where he was given medical attention.

Bigg Boss then announced his disappointment with Ajaz's behaviour and expressed his regret in bringing him back on the show and declared that Ajaz is disqualified from Bigg Boss Halla Bol.

Fun In The Garden

After the nominations the contestants were seen having fun in the garden area where Ali was seen making fun of Ajaz Khan. Preetam and Rahul were among the group.

Ali Pushed Ajaz

Ali continued to push Ajaz by making a lot of fun at his expense. Ajaz took the entire thing sportingly for a while but Ali continued to irritate Ajaz by saying a lot of things about him.

Ajaz Tried To Laugh It Off

Ajaz tried his best to laugh it off. He did manage to take things as fun for a while. But it was visible that he was losing his patience with Ali.

Ali Cornered Ajaz

Ali was seen even declaring that Ajz insulted the junior artists. He spoke to the cameras that Ajaz has spoken down about the junior artists and Karishma supported this too.

Ajaz Hit Ali

But while Ali was fighting Ajaz with words for all the irritation he had caused him on the show, Ajaz started hitting Ali. Though the others tried to stop them, Ajaz kept on it.

Ajaz Punched Ali

And when Ali got irritated to push him, Ajaz pushed Ali to the ground and punched him repeatedly, despite the others tried their best to stop them.

Wriggling On Ground

Ali then started wriggling in pain on the ground while others tried to calm him down. Karishma, Gautam, Preetam and some of the new challengers were seen worried about Ali.

Bigg Boss Called For Ali

Bigg Boss then asked Preetam to bring Ali into the confession room. Ali was seen taken by Preetam, Rahul and Gautam by hand. Ali seemed a lot in pain.

Confession Room

Ali was then taken into the confession room while the others expressed their shock over the sudden turn of events. Most of them expressed that they though it was just a fun fight.

Medical Attention

Ali would then be given medical attention and Preetam, who witnessed the entire scenario was seen holding Ali's hand through out the whole scenario.

Ajaz Disqualified

Bigg Boss then announced that Ajaz Khan will be disqualified from the show for attacking Ali.

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