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Rahul Mahajan Challenges Sambhavana To Ignore Dimpy And Him On Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol!

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Bigg Boss 8's new series Bigg Boss Halla Bol had Rahul Mahajan challenging Sambhavana Seth to ignore Dimpy Mahajan and him and manage to survive without banking on the publicity targeting their relationship.

With Rahul entering Bigg Boss, there has been a lot of talk regarding Dimpy and his relationship, while some say they are faking affection, some say they are not. Sambhavana, who also entered the house with Rahul, quite evidently has been targeting the divorced couple for publicity.

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Sambhavana first cornered Dimpy and then Rahul and has been repeatedly doing the same over and over again. And when she continued to do the same, Rahul was seen throwing her a challenge that she survive the show and get popularity without using his name or Dimpy's. Rahul also asked her to prove that she is not dependent on Rahul's popularity to get her earnings.

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Rahul also mentioned that Sambhavana has always targeted him for her popularity, even during their Bigg Boss season 2 days and she is doing the same even now. Sambhavana was seen taken aback with Rahul's words but agreed to ignore him.

Will Sambhavana manage to "shush" and not interfere in Rahul and Dimpy's matter? Will she stop targeting Rahul or Dimpy at every step she takes in the Bigg Boss house? Let's wait and watch Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol to see how it goes.

Sambhavana Targeting Rahul And DImpy

It has been evident that Sambhavana Seth has been targeting Rahul and Dimpy to get attention on the show though the two have been trying to stay away from her.

Rahul's Challenge

Rahul was recently seen challenging Sambhavana to try and ignore Rahul and Dimpy and manage to survive on the show.

Sambhavana Seth

Sambhavana Seth has evidently been targeting Rahul and Dimpy from the moment she came on the show. She made it a point that she was involved in anything related to them.

Dimpy - Sambhavana Fight

Sambhavana started a fight with Dimpy first which ended with her throwing a shoe at her. Many other, including Gautam, were confused why she reacted the way she did.

Anger On Dimpy

Viewers and the contestants felt that there was no need for Sambhavana's reaction at the instance and that she did it just to grab attention.

Dimpy Mahajan

Dimpy Mahajan tried to ignore Sambhavana's sudden anger and even tried to walk away. She showed her hand instead of her usual habit of continuing a fight.

Patch Up

After all the drama, Sambhavana walked up to Dimpy and hugged her to get some more footage. She pretended to end the issue so she can start yet another one later.

Target Rahul

The one thing that Sambhavana has been talking most from the time she has been on the show is Rahul. She spoke how he changed his stand regarding Dimpy and how he is close to her for the show and so on.

Will She Stay Away?

Will Sambhavana manage to stay away from Rahul and Dimpy? Let's wait and watch Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol to see if she succeeds.

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