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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: After Kokila, Gaura Tries To Kill Ahem; Gopi Jumps Into Fire To Save Ahem!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gaura (Vandana Pathak) is all set to destroy the Modi family as she believes that Kokila (Rupal Patel) was responsible for her brother's death. She feels Kokila snatched away all her happiness, and hence she is trying to ruin Kokila's life by hurting her family.

Gaura and Dharam together, target Kokila, and she gets hospitalised. Gaura even tries to kill Kokila in the hospital, but decides not to kill her. She decides to make her suffer by killing her son Ahem (Mohammad Nazim), during the Diwali festival.

At home, Gaura troubles Vidya, directly, as Vidya knows that Gaura is a bad person and is using Meera as a mediator to harm the Modi family. Poor Meera doesn't know how cruel Gaura is! Meera is unaware that Gaura tried to kill her grandmother Kokila and now trying to kill her father Ahem.

Gaura asks Meera and Vidya to arrange the Diwali party. Vidya refuses saying her grandmother is suffering in the hospital and she can't think of celebrating. But, Meera decides to arrange the party all alone.

Gaura forces Vidya to invite their parents to the Diwali party. When Vidya refuses, Gaura shows her authority as a mother-in-law and asks Vidya to invite Ahem and Gopi to the party or else leave the house.

In the upcoming episode, Gaura and Dharam are happy to see Gopi and Ahem in the party as their first step of the plan succeeded. Gaura and Dharam discuss among each other, on how to trap Ahem.

Read the remaining story and the spoiler in the slides...

Ahem In Washroom

They add drugs in Ahem's drink because of which Ahem's stomach gets upset and he starts using washroom again and again.

Ahem In Trouble

They also ask their servant to add some toxic powder in the candles in the washroom, so that whenever Ahem washes his face, the smell from the candle would affect him.

Gaura-Dharam Try To Kill Ahem

Ahem gets weak because the drug's effect and tiredness. He comes to the ground to celebrate Diwali with family, but falls unconscious on the ground.

Ahem Unconcious

As soon as Ahem falls on the ground, Gaura and Dharam light fire around him. Seeing Ahem in trouble Gopi and her daughters shout.


On the other hand, Kokila, who is unwell, too, senses trouble and asks for Ahem. Kokila dreams of Gopi in white sari, crying for Ahem.


Gopi jumps over the fire to help Ahem, while his daughters Meera and Vidya spray water to put out the fire so that Gopi can rescue Ahem.

Gaura-Dharam Shocked!

Seeing Gopi's courage, Gaura and Dharam will be stunned. Gopi also warns them not to try to harm Modi family.

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