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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Ahem Attempts Suicide; Gopi Crashes Her Car With Shahrukh Khan’s!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) is upset as well as angry at Modi family. He leaves the house after keeping a 'sorry note', and asks Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) to take care of the family.

Ahem is upset that his mother Kokila (Rupal Patel) and Gopi, didn't find it necessary to inform him about Meera's incident. It has to be recalled that Meera was insulted by Gaura, and the video was sent to Gopi. Even after knowing Gaura can go to any extent to harm the Modi family, Kokila and Gopi didn't bring Vidya and Meera home.

Ahem says in his note that he was not a good son, husband, or a father and, so he has decided to leave the house. Gopi finds Ahem's note in the house, after she had read the first fake note, written by Madhu behan.

Madhu behan wants Kokila to suffer, and Ahem to move away from the family. She had written the note in such a way that the family would think Ahem is angry at family and that's why he is leaving the house.

Gopi and Kokila get confused with the notes and starts investigation. They finally decide the second note that they got is the original one as Kokila recognises his handwriting. She also doubts that Madhu behan behind the first note.

Urmila knows about Ahem being away from the house and doesn't inform Gaura or Vidya and Meera.

On the other hand, Meera is trying to woo Dharam (Amar Upadhyay), so that he favours her and not his mother Gaura. On Dharam's birthday, she gets a cake which has Gaura and Dharam's picture. Dharam is impressed with Meera's arrangement and tries to get closer. But at the right time Urmila and Gaura save Meera from Dharam.

Later, Gopi goes in search of Ahem, along with Kokila and Jigar (Vishal Singh). She sees a missed call of Ahem and calls back. Click on the slides to read the story and the spoiler...


Gopi calls back Ahem, but a Sardar attends the call. He tells Gopi, "To whomever the phone belongs, the person has jumped into water to commit suicide."

Gopi Tensed

Gopi gets tensed, while Kokila asks if she heard any noise in the background to find the place. They finally get to know that Ahem must be near the Gurudwara.

Gopi, Jigar & Kokila

Gopi, Jigar and Kokila decide to separate, and search Ahem as there were three Gurudwaras. Gopi will be seen driving fast and her car crashes with another car.

Ahem Attempts Suicide

According to the spoiler, Ahem would have jumped into the water to die, but instead sees someone drowning and saves the person. After seeing the person's condition, Ahem decides not to die.

Gopi's Car Crashes With SRK's

From the other car that Gopi crashed, comes ‘Shahrukh Khan', who will motivate Gopi and ask her not to accept failure. SRK along with Gopi will search for Ahem.


Ahem had accepted his failure in life and decides not to return home. He will be broken completely and goes to the temple to perform his ‘shradh'.

Shahrukh Khan

We feel Ahem will meet Kajol, who will make him realise what love is and by then SRK too, might reach the temple, and our Dilwale couple, SRK-Kajol will be reuniting Ahem and Gopi!

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