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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gopi Gets To Know Gaura’s Secret; Tries To Stop Vidya’s Marriage!

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In yet another twist of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, after Urmila trying to reveal Gaura's (Vandana Pathak) secret, Gopi (‎Devoleena‬ ‪Bhattacharjee) will be next in the row. Gaura doesn't like Gopi as she is always doubtful of whatever Gaura does. In turn, Gopi doesn't like Gaura's attitude as the latter keeps insulting the former's daughter Meera.

Gaura has come to Modi family to destroy them as she says Kokila (Rupal Patel‬) is responsible for her brother's death. Through Kokila's granddaughter's marriage, Gaura tries to destroy Kokila. In the previous episode, Urmila tries to reveal the truth of Gaura, but her son Dharam (Amar Upadhyay) saves her.

When Gopi asks Gaura to open the trunk, they will be shocked to see the stick for blind and black glasses instead of ash pot. This shocks everyone and Kokila feels insulted. Gopi and Kokila together apologise Gaura for thinking her wrong.

This matter brings misunderstanding between Gopi and Kokila, who are well connected, no matter what the situation was. This is what Gaura wanted. Dharam had come for his son's marriage, who also is helping his mother in ruining Modi family.

Meera though tries to stop Vidya's engagement and other ceremonies, the D-Day arrives when Shravan is all set to tie the knot to Vidya.

In the upcoming episode, Gopi will get to know about Gaura as she overhears Gaura talking to Dharam. She runs to stop the marriage, but by that time Vidya and Shravan would have almost finished 'saath pheras'.

Gopi says Kokila about Gaura, who is not ready to listen to her as Kokila blindly believes her friend Gaura. Gopi will imagine Vidya and Shravan taking Saath Pheras in front of Gaura's brother's dead body.


Gaura opens the trunk in which the ash pot was kept of her brother's. She ties Rakhi to the pot, meanwhile she promises to take revenge on Kokila, who is responsible for his death.

Urmila Faints

Urmila overhears Gaura and Dharam's conversation and faints.


Urmila and Gopi asks Gaura to open and show the trunk, but by then Dharam would have changed the items and had kept the blind's stick and spectacles.


The D-Day comes where Gaura is all set to take revenge on Kokila by marrying her grandson to Kokila's granddaughter.


Gopi overhears Gaura and Dharam's conversation and rushes to the mandap to stop Vidya-Shravan's marriage.


Meera would already have alerted her family about Gaura but none believe her. Now that Gopi too gets to know the truth, it should be seen what happens.


Gopi asks Kokila to stop the marriage and imagine Vidya and Sharvan getting married in front of Gaura's brother's dead-body which was set on fire!

Twists In SNS

It should be seen what Gopi does to stop Vidya-Sharvan's marriage? What about Meera? She too looks like bride... Has she got married Dharam?

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