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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gopi Warns Gaura; Meera Refuses To Return Home!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gaura (Vandana Pathak) has successfully finished her mission of ruining Modi family as both Kokila's (Rupal Patel) granddaughters are under her control now.

While Gopi's younger daughter marries Gaura's grandson and Dharam's son Shravan, Meera gets married to Dharam (Amar Upadhyay) to take revenge on Modi family!

Meera goes missing from Modi family that upsets Gopi (Devoleena‬ ‪Bhattacharjee) and entire family. When they are searching for Meera, Kokila gets a call from Gaura saying Meera is married to Dharam. The drama doesn't end here as entire Modi family will assemble in Gaura's place.

Gaura will enjoy Kokila's tension, while the former reveal the intension of her entry to Modi family. Gaura takes Kokila to the room, where her brother's photo will be kept. Gaura reveals how Kokila ruined her family by killing Karunesh-her brother.

Gaura says that Kokila's accusation on Karunesh made villagers throw them out of the village, which in turn made Karunesh jobless and die coward's death!

When Kokila tries to apologise and clear her stand, Gaura asks Kokila to stop the drama and pushes her out of the room. Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) holds Kokila, while Gaura is happy to see Kokila sulk.

Now that her motive is complete, Gaura asks Kokila to leave, while the latter questions former why did she punish her granddaughter for her mistake. Kokila even asks Gaura to kill her for the fault and not to punish her granddaughters.

Gaura even says how she outdid Gopi and her relative Urmila, who doubted Gaura's intensions. Read the story in the slides...

Kokila Begs

When Kokila begs Gaura to pardon her, the latter kicks her. Ahem and Gopi hold Kokila, while Meera and Vidya look stunned.

Gopi Warns Gaura

Gopi being ideal bahu will not take her mother-in-law's insult and warns Gaura not to touch Kokila.

Gaura's Revenge On Kokila Destroy Her Granddaughters' Lives

Kokila apologises Gopi for her mistake. Kokila even says how guilty she is as she ruined both her (Gopi's) daughters lives by not listening to her.


Kokila asks Meera and Vidya to return home as Gaura's place is not safe for them.

Meera Refuses To Return Home

While Vidya agrees to return home, Meera refuses to go back. She throws Kokila out of the house and insult them!

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