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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Meera Burns 'Shagun Ki Chunri'; Gaura Suffocates Because Of Fire!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gopi (Devoleena‬ ‪Bhattacharjee) and Kokila (Rupal Patel) take the proposal of Meera's marriage for Gaura's (Vandana Pathak) grandson. Though at first, Gaura acted as though she wasn't interested and angry, later we get to know that it was all part of her drama. Did Gaura really want Kokila to get this proposal?

Anyway, what we are more concerned is about Meera's reaction. Everyone in the show are so hyper with their reactions that we can't even expect what will be their next step. When Gopi and Kokila asks Vidya to convey the message of Meera's proposal to Meera, Vidya, Tolu and Molu are equally scared of Meera's reaction.

They make her sit in the lorry that helps them to reach the city and let her know about her marriage proposal. Meera is shocked with this development and she again plan to destroy this proposal.

As we said, Meera reaches home in bike and scares everyone at home. She tries to make Gaura realise that Meera is not the right girl for her grandson. But in turn, Gaura whose demands of ideal bahu meets with Meera's character, she accepts Meera, which shocks her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gopi's Daughter Meera Impresses Gaura!

On the day of Shagun, Meera will get ready in sari which shocks everyone. Tolu, Molu and Gaura dance as it is celebration time. But our Meera is ready with another plan.

When Gaura gives Meera ‘Shagun ki Chunri', the latter burns it. Meera thinks that her family members along with Gaura are planning to ruin her life. Tolu and Molu try to put off the fire, but in vain. Later Vidya comes forward to put off the fire.


Gopi gets her daughter Meera ready. Meera looks silent but don't go by her looks.

Gaura Dances

Gaura and Tolu-Molu dance as it's happy occasion. But Meera thinks Modi family is against her happiness and has joined hands with Gaura to spoil her life!

Meera Burns Dupatta

Well, as we said, Meera is Meera! She argues with Gaura and burns Shagun Ki Chunri.

Gaura Suffocates

Gaura finds it difficult to breath. Kokila and Gopi try to handle Gaura but in vain.

Gaura's Grandson

By then Gaura's grandson will enter and rescue his grandmother.


What is the story behind Gaura getting so much scared of fire? Why does she want Meera to get married to her grandson?

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