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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Meera Falls On Cow Dung; Refuses To Hear Against Gaura From Vidya-Durga

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gaura has got her 'coin' to use however she wants to, in the form of Meera. Although Vidya, who is now married to Shravan, is against Gaura and Dharam, Gaura makes use of Meera to take revenge from Modi family.

Meera blindly trusts Gaura as she is the only person to help her in taking revenge on Modi family. But it is Meera's stupidity as she is not seeing her family's love for her.

In the previous episode, we saw how after Gaura tried to brainwashin Meera, who in turn started scolding her sister Vidya for the mistakes that she hasn't done. Meera tries to order Vidya to apologise to Gaura and Dharam, and to listen to her as she is her mother-in-law and not her sister.

But Vidya, who loves her sister and has come to Gaura's home to take back her sister Meera safely to Modi mansion, politely says that Meera would have accepted the relation, but she is still a sister for her! Vidya would have not even refused to go home with Ahem, just for Meera.

This makes Meera angry and shout back at Vidya. Shravan comes to Vidya's rescue but in vain. As Vidya asks him to stay away from her and her sister.

Vidya gets hurt and her hand starts bleeding. Seeing this, Shravan is helpless as Vidya doesn't want to take any help from him, while his mother, Durga signals him to stay calm.

Durga takes Vidya to the room, while Meera is still confused! Though Meera loves her sister, just because doesn't love Modi family, she will blindly listen to Gaura's instruction.


Meera is unaware of the fact that Gaura and Dharam are trapping her and Meera has become a mediator to harm Kokila and Modi family.

Meera Falls On Cow Dung

In the upcoming episode, Meera will be made to fall on cow dung that will be placed by Gaura right in front of her room.

Meera Angry

Meera falls down and Gaura comes to her rescue. Again she brainwashes Meera and says 'Vidya would have done this'.

Meera Blames Vidya

Meera pulls Vidya down and shouts on her. Even though Vidya tries to clarify, Meera doesn't listen.


Vidya tries to tell Meera that Gaura has done this to create misunderstandings between them. Dharam's first wife also tries to tell Meera about Gaura's evil deeds. But Meera blindly believes Gaura.


Meera pulls Durga out and asks her to tell the same in front of Gaura. But Durga falls on Meera's feet and tells her to believe her.


Meera even tells Durga that she is just a servant in the house. Gaura watches everything from upstairs. It has to be seen what she does to stop Durga.

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