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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Meera To Join Hands With Gaura; Gopi Overhears Gaura-Meera’s Conversation!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, after Kokila (Rupal Patel) and Gaura (Vandana Pathak), Gopi's (Devoleena‬ ‪Bhattacharjee) daughter Meera has become the new ‘item' of drama. Meera has overtaken both the ladies in the world of drama.

In the previous episode, we saw how Meera tried to steal Vidya's engagement right. At first, she was caught by Dharam, but later when Gopi went to take the ring, Meera made Gopi fall, making the rings fall and tricked Gopi by stealing the ring.

During the engagement ceremony, Dharam and Gaura will be happy as they are near to their goal of ruining Modi family. Gaura blames Kokila for her brother's death.

Kokila, who is unaware of Gaura's brother's death, wants to apologise to him for creating misunderstanding. But by now, it is too late as her brother is no more and Gaura wants to punish Kokila for her loss.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: After Trying To Steal The Ring, Meera Swallow It To Stop Vidya's Engagement!

Gaura will aim Kokila's granddaughters for taking revenge on Kokila. Now that she has Vidya in her side, Meera too shortly will go to Gaura's side! How? Here is the prediction...

In the upcoming episode, Gaura will insult Meera again by getting a diamond ring for Vidya. But Meera, who can't take this, tries to swallow the ring. Gaura will hold her neck and make her spit the ring that she swallowed.

With this, Meera will be criticised by everyone at home. She will even get a tight slap, though it was a mistake, from her little sister Vidya, which is very insulting. Adding to this, Kokila will punish Meera!


Kokila will lock Meera in a room and will ban her from attending any of her sister Vidya's marriage functions.


Gaura will take advantage of this situation. With Kokila and her family going against Meera, the latter turns revengeful.


Gaura may manage to brainwash Meera and get Meera to her side.

Meera Wants To Marry Shravan

Meera puts a condition of marrying Shravan in front of Gaura.


Gaura accepts Meera's condition and says she has a plan and can help Meera in getting married to Shravan!

Gopi Overhears

Gopi overhears Meera and Gaura's conversation. How will Gopi save Modi family from Meera and Gaura?

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