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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Vidya-Meera Tortured By Gaura-Dharam; Gopi To Meet Dharam’s First Wife!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gopi's (Devoleena‬ ‪Bhattacharjee) younger daughter Vidya get married to Shravan in the presence of family, while her elder daughter Meera goes missing from Modi house.

Gopi gets disturbed as her both daughters are away from her. Though she had married happily Vidya to Shravan, she is worried about Meera as she goes missing. Gopi feels Meera had taken drastic step and would not return home.

Kokila (Rupal Patel), Ahem and Jigar try to calm Gopi but in vain. When Gopi goes to police with Jigar to complain about missing Meera, the police refuse to lodge complaint before 24 hours.

Jigar (Vishal Singh) calms Gopi and they get back home, but Vidya's call again makes Gopi worry. Vidya would have called Gopi to tell about Meera's doings but Gaura (Vandana Pathak) tricks and makes Vidya's mobile fall in fire.

Gopi senses that Vidya is in trouble as she recalls Vidya crying. On the other hand, Vidya will not be allowed to speak to Gopi regarding Meera as Gaura and Dharam disconnect all phone connections.

When Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and Kokila try to call Gaura and Dharam, they don't pick the call. Shravan, who leaves Vidya at home, too won't pick the call when Gopi calls her. This makes Modi family confused and worried.

Vidya will also be locked inside the room by Gaura when she would be trying to call Gopi. Gaura bully Vidya by giving lame excuse about Vidya getting locked in the room. Gaura gives Vidya mobile, but also asks her to drink the water, which after drinking makes Vidya unconscious.

On the other hand, Meera will be troubled by Dharam (Amar Upadhyay). He misbehaves with Meera and asks her to not mess with him as he won't bear her tantrums.

Read the story and the spoiler in the slide...

Gopi Worried

Gopi will be worried as Meera goes missing and blames Kokila for the same.

Gaura's Acting

Gaura acts shocked seeing Dharam married to Meera, which was nothing but Dharam and Gaura's plan.


Kokila and Ahem try to call Dharam and Gaura, but none pick the call, but leave Kokila and Ahem shocked and worried.


Shravan will leave Vidya alone in his house during their first night saying he has some important work.

Vidya Tortured

Vidya will be indirectly tortured by Gaura and Dharam as they don't allow her to call her mother Gopi to inform about Meera's doings. Gaura even makes her drink water that has something mixed which makes Vidya unconscious.


On the other hand, Dharam will torture Meera. He will ask her not to mess with him as he won't bear her tantrum like others.

Gopi Meets Dharam's First Wife

Gopi will be seen helping a woman, who apparently is said to be Dharam's wife.

Dharam's First Wife

Will Gopi get to know the woman she helped was Dharam's first wife?

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