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OMG! Subbu Plans To Kill Simmi In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein [Photos]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest episode showed Subbu (Amit Tandon) losing his cool when Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) calls him a fraud. He will be seen attacking her and even trying to choke her. After the wedding gets called off, Subbu decides to teach the Bhalla family a lesson b killing Simmi.

The Bhalla household who had not been believing Ishita when she had intuition about Subbu will then realise the mistake they made when they witness him trying to harm Ishita. Simmi too, who had been trusting Subbu until then will realise her mistake that Subbu is really hiding something that is related to the death of his wife.

Subbu and Sujata make their escape when the former will almost tell them the reason why he wanted to cheat Simmi. Sujata will be seen dragging Subbu away from the Bhalla family before he reveals what they are planning and why.

It is clear now that the death of Subbu's wife is somehow related to the Bhalla house. While the Bhalla family know this now, they are unable to figure out how they are involved in the issue. Subbu and Sujata, on the other hand, are determined to make the Bhalla family pay for their sins. Subbu decides to make them suffer the same way he did by killing Simmi.

Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita try to talk to the Psychiatrist who has been treating Subbu until now. When she refuses to reveal any information about Subbu, a stranger would suggest she do. And this stranger will be Vidya Balan.

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will have Vidya Balan promoting her film, Hamari Adhuri Kahani on the show.

Subbu's Plan To Kill Simmi

Subbu plans to kill Simmi as a revenge for what the Bhalla family has done to him. He has decided to kill Simmi for the death of his wife.

Simmi's Register Marriage

Simmi and Subbu's register marriage will be taking place without Ishita and Raman. Raman would try his best to delay it but will not be able to.

Ishita Finds Out Truth

Ishita has been having intuitions about Subbu and they turn correct when a relative from London informs her about Subbu's real face. She asks her to stop the wedding immediately and Ishita barges into the court room to do it.

Ishita Takes Away Simmi

Ishita barges into the court room to take Simmi away. Simmi will stop her in tracks to question her intentions. Ishita informs her that Subbu is a fraud.

Simmi Shocked

Simmi will be shocked when Ishita informs her what she knows. Ishita calls Subbu a fraud and that the Bua in London has asked her to stop the wedding anyhow.

Subbu Attacks Ishita

When Ishita calls Subbu fraud, he will lose his cool to attack her. He will try to choke her to death right in front of everyone.

Simmi And Others Petrified

Simmi and the rest of the Bhalla family get petrified seeing Subbu's behaviour. Simmi in particular witnesses Subbu's real face for the first time.

Sujata Takes Subbu Away

Sujata will be seen taking SUbbu away before he reveals the reason why they are doing all this. Subbu will be uncontrollable in anger.

Simmi Angry

Simmi will finally realise what Ishita was trying to tell everyone. She will then start to wonder why Subbu was targeting her and her daughter.

Sujata Stops Subbu

Seeing Subbu in such anger, Sujata will ask him to stop and think. She asks him to relax before he ruins what they have been planning for a very long time.

Bua In London

Subbu calls the UK Embassy and files a complaint on the Bua who was coming to reveal his truth to Ishita and others. She will manage to inform Raman and the Bhalla family that Subbu is dangerous.

Subbu Plans To Kill Simmi

Subbu will be seen informing Sujata that he is going to make the Bhalla family pay for their sins. He will also say that he is going to kill Simmi for his wife's death.

Raman And Ishita

Raman and Ishita plan to talk to the Psychiatrist to get information about Subbu's past. They will be seen informing her that Subbu is posing threat to their family.

The Psychiatrist

Subbu's Psychiatrist will be seen adamant in not revealing any information about Subbu to Raman and Ishita. Even when they inform her about the danger she refuses to co-operate.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan will be seen appearing on the show also giving support to Raman and Ishita in asking the Psychiatrist for the information about Subbu.

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